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L'effondrement title screen of the third episode.

TV Series (2019)
German title : The Collapse
Spanish title : El colapso

Thibault de Montalembert (Laurent Desmarest)
Pauline Huruguen (Lucie)
Michaël Abiteboul (Pascal, the driver)
Jean-Claude Lecas (Mister Bernard, the pilot)

In seven steps, the colapse which could occur as a result of a major problem. The last episode is the only one reporting facts some days BEFORE ...
TV Series in eight episodes with aircraft only in the third one.

Ep. 03 : L'aérodrome

Canadair CL-600 Challenger

LEffondrement-E3 Challenger.jpg

Diamond DA40 Diamond Star

Reg. N166G Diamond DA40 Diamond Star c/n 40.369 built in 2004 and seen at Pontoise Cormeilles en Vexin (LFPT/POX), 25 km north west of Paris, France.
(not Saint-Rémy as said by phone... and the other airfield [Crécy-la-Chapelle] does not exist).

LEffondrement-E3 DA-40.jpg
LEffondrement-E3 N166G.jpg
LEffondrement-E3 DA-40F.jpg

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