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Community Portal

Welcome to the Community Portal. This is the place to find out what is happening on IMPDb. Learn what areas might need attention, etc.

The intention is to develop this page over the next few months. In the meantime, please use the talk page to suggest ideas for the page!

Community bulletin board

Suggest a page for deletion

A new template has been created which can be used to suggest a page for deletion. If you believe a page should be deleted, simply place the following at the top of the page:


Please leave a comment on the discussion page stating why the page needs to be deleted. The page will then be reviewed by an admin.

New Template: Fictional aircraft

A new template has been created that can be used for films that primarily include fictional aircraft. The template can be incorporated by including {{Fictional}} after the cast list. It reads:

Note: This film contains primarily fictional aircraft. Where appropriate, aircraft have been identified according to their fictional names.

In addition to the template, fictional aircraft should be identified by the preface 'Fictional: '. See Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace as an example.

Forum Registration

To try and prevent spam users on the forum, new users need to input this code:


New Portal

We are working to implement this 'Community Portal'. Please check the bulletin board regularly for the latest site updates.

The banner templates have been updated to enable a date to be added, so other users can assess if the banner is still needed. The date can be added by using the following script:

{{(Template Name|Day|Month|Year}}

This applies to the Under Construction, Unfinished Page and Recent Release. See Iron Man 3 as an example.

Help out

Things to do


  • Under Construction - Users in the process of building a page should use this. The page should not be edited until the creating user has finished and removed the banner. If the latest edit is more than 2 weeks ago, the user should be contacted before the page is completed on their behalf or the banner changed to 'Unfinished Page'.
  • Unfinished Page - Used by any user to identify a page which has been created but substantially incomplete through either formatting or content. Any user can edit this page to complete it. If a user intends to make major changes they should change the banner to 'Under Construction'.
  • Recent Release - This should be used when a page is created based on a trailer, or other limited information, about a recently released film. If no user is able to more fully update the page, the banner should be removed after 9 months.

Guidelines, help & resources

IMPDb has many help pages, policies and guidelines: here are some of the most general.



Policies and guidelines

These are our general formatting guidelines for page layout and content.

For general information, see About IMPDb and IMPDb: General Disclaimers.


Aircraft Identification

IMPDb:Identifying Aircraft

Ways to communicate

  • Contact us
  • If you want to contact a specific user, leave a post on their talk page.
  • Use your user page to talk about stuff you're doing.