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This page lists all the films which feature aircraft that have yet to be identified.

If you believe you know what the aircraft is, please leave a message on the discussion page of that film so it can be discussed between users.

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Help identifying aircraft can be found at Identifying Aircraft.

Documentary: 100%: Planes

Another variant of Mosquito I'd say.

2014-10-25 20h17 37.png

Movie : 13, rue Madeleine

Unidentified Twin Engine Aircraft

13rueMad twin-engine.jpg

Documentary : 1914-2014 Le Bourget terre d'envol

Unknown small biplane in the background.
(front right) An unknown small biplane.

Documentary : 1940, les secrets de l'armistice

Armistice40 P2 05.jpg

Movie : 365 dni

365DNI 04700.JPG

Movie: 407 Dark Flight

407DF toy1.jpg

TV Movie : 7 Days in Hell

2015-09-18 00h09 18.png

Documentary Series: A Century of Flight: 100 Years of Aviation

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: A Farewell to Arms

Bomber identified as a Gotha G.V but these straffers are still unidentified :

FtoArms 00006.jpg

Movie: A Little Princess


Documentary: A Look Forward


TV Series : A zori zdes tikhie (TV Series)

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: A, Kaigun

An unidentified Japanese carrier vessel (in the background) with aircraft on the deck.

AKaigun 01a IJN-CV.jpg
AKaigun 11.jpg
AKaigun 12.jpg

Movie: About Last Night (2014)

Aircraft 3 and 4.


TV Movie: Accusé Mendès France

AMF desk.jpg

Documentary: Africa addio


Movie: Age of Heroes


Video Game: Agents of Mayhem

AOM Fighter.jpg

Documentary: Air Disasters

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Documentary: Air War Over Finland 1939 - 1945

Accident? Shot down? Probably a twin engine aircraft.

AWOF 04-58 .jpg

Movie: Airlift

Airlift2016A 00061.jpg
Airlift2016A 00062.jpg

Movie: Airplane!

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Airplane II: The Sequel


Documentary: Airport in the Jet Age


TV Series: Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei

Ep. 31.01 Überschall
Wreckages of some old aircrafts, seen on an scrap yard.


TV Series: Alias El Mexicano

Ep. 22

Aliaselmexicanoepisodio22hdmp4 snapshot 1022 20140131 213726.jpg

Ep. 31

Aliaselmexicanoepisodio31hdmp4 snapshot 1533 20140202 162300.jpg
Aliaselmexicanoepisodio31hdmp4 snapshot 1618 20140202 162316.jpg

Movie: Amelia Earhart: The Final Flight

Amelia-FF 07.jpg

The red plane :

Amelia-FF 13b.jpg
Amelia-FF 04905.jpg

Movie: American History X


Movie: American Warships

AW volt DSCF0627.jpg

TV Movie: Americanski Blues

AB Scrapyard 4.jpg
AB Scrapyard 5.jpg

Movie: Angel Has Fallen

Unidentified Remote Command UAVs used for a massive UAV attack which interception is more challenging:

AngelHasFallen 02050.jpg

Helicopter :

AngelHasFallen 04830.jpg

Movie: Angels & Demons


Movie: Angels One Five

Model on top of the office cabinet.

AngelsOF 033.jpg

Movie: Anne-Marie


Documentary Series: Apocalypse - La 1ère guerre mondiale


Movie : Apollo 11 (2019)

Apollo11 00640.jpg

Movie: Arizona Dream


Movie: Arriva Dorellik


Movie: Arrêtez les tambours

ArrLesTambours 00002.jpg
ArrLesTambours 00005.jpg

Movie's last picture of aircrafts are those USAF bombers (or RAF daylight raiders in 1945).

ArrLesTambours 00024 USAF.jpg

Probably a ventral gunner station (Heinkel 111?).

ArrLesTambours 00021 gunner.jpg

Video Game: Assassin's Creed Unity

ACU Baloon.jpg

Video Game: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate


ACS Allied1.jpg
ACS Allied2.jpg


ACS Zeppelin1.jpg
ACS Zeppelin2.jpg

Movie: At' zije Republika


Movie: Attentato ai tre grandi

Unidentified Aircraft|Unidentified Japanese Fighter.

AttentatoAiTreGrandi jap.jpg

TV Series: Aux frontières du possible

Ep. 1.2 Attention, nécroses mentales

AFdP-S1E2 00001.jpg

Documentary: Aviateurs, 75 ans d'aventures

Many aircraft - see page for details.

Documentary: Baade 152

Background left. Perhaps an Aero Ae-45?

EFW-152 02B.jpg

Movie: Back to the Future

Two paintings on the wall, with aircrafts probably of the World War One or of the Twenties.

BTTF 1985 wall.jpg

Movie: Baggage Claim

2014-05-11 19h49 28.png
2014-05-11 19h52 07.png

Movie: Balgan mahura


BalganMahura props-10.jpg

Movie: Beach Blanket Bingo


Movie: Behind the Front

Perhaps an Airco DH.4 (or more probably an American licenced built airframe) acting as a Luftstreitkräfte bomber, for example LVG C.II or an Albatros C.III.

BehindTheFront A41-55.jpg
BehindTheFront A42-00.jpg

Movie: Berlino appuntamento per le spie

Berlino Light.jpg
Berlino crash.jpg

Documentary: Bermuda Triangle Exposed

2014-01-19 18h19 35.png

Movie: Bird People

@ 1h23

BirdPeople 12334.jpg

Movie: Black Dawn (1997)


Animated Series: Black Lagoon

Ep. 1.02 Mangrove Heaven

BL 0960.PNG

Movie: Black Sheep

Two unidentified Cessnas with the wingtip tank of the Cessna 340. In the very background is what seems to be a Piper PA-24(-180 ?) Comanche.


Movie: Blood Diamond


Movie: Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)

Helicopter to the left of the F-16s.


Movie: Blue Lagoon: The Awakening

Really a Cessna ?


Movie: Boeing Boeing

Three drawings of aircrafts probably of the World War One.

BoeingB GreatWarI.png
BoeingB GreatWar.png

Documentary: Brána do historie

Among the hundred episodes, a dozen of unidentified aircraft or variant.

TV Series: Brigada central 2: La guerra blanca

The backgrounded shape does'nt help to identify what is probably a BAC One-Eleven; the pointed nose makes me think to ZE433 of Empire Test Pilots’ School and dedicated to radar trials.


Movie: British Intelligence

Doesn’t match with any Gotha products. Neither with a Friedrichshafen G.III by the shape of the upper wing.


Movie: C'eravamo tanto amati

The officier's cap is of the Italian Air Force. Is the door from a Fiat G12 (or G212) or a Savoia-Marchetti SM.82 ?

CeravamoTantoAmati unk.jpg
CeravamoTantoAmati unk2.jpg

Video Game: Call of Duty: World at War

CODWAW Plane1.jpg

Movie: Çanakkale 1915

Canakkale-1915 AC1.png

Miniseries: Carlos

Various aircraft - see page for details.

Animated Movie: Cars 2


Movie: Chángkōng xióng yīng

Unidentified twin engine American Bomber (model).
In this category, USAF only used Douglas B-26 Invader which has a diffrent shape (especially the engine nacelle).

Changkong76 instr 20.jpg
Changkong76 twin 33.jpg

Barracks of the American fighter pilots with an American advertising/propaganda wallpaper (probably a F-86 drawing besides a pilot).

Changkong76 poster 39.jpg

Movie: Charlie Chan in City in Darkness

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Chek dou

CGI of the crash site of an airliner.


Movie : Cherry 2000

Not a CubCrafters as this company was found years after the filming.


Movie: Chikyū Bōeigun

Or Made for Movie?


Movie: China Doll


Movie: Chistoe nebo

ChistoyeNebo jet.jpg
ChistoyeNebo balloons.jpg

Movie: Clocking Off

Unidentified Airliner seen on Ep. 1.02 Yvonne's Story


Movie: Coast of Skeletons

On the right, is it a Grumman G-159 Gulfstream I?

Cessna 150.

TV Movie: Coco Chanel


Documentary: Crashs aériens, l'enquête inédite

Unidentified Airbus.
PC book CIMG5101.jpg

TV Series: Criminal Minds

Ep. 1.01 Extreme Aggressor
Some Gulfstream variant.

2016-04-23 03h39 01.jpg
2016-04-23 03h39 20.jpg
2016-04-23 03h39 26.jpg
2016-04-23 03h42 49.jpg

Documentary Series: Crusade in the Pacific: America at War

2014-10-19 02h48 51.png

A Japanese Fighter shot by what is probably a Grumman F6F Hellcat.

2014-10-19 02h49 46.png
2014-10-19 03h01 15.png

A group of single-engine planes flying over an unknown Pacific airport.

2014-10-30 15h03 01.png

Video Game: Crysis 3

C3 Plane.jpg

TV Series: CSI: Miami

Ep. 1.01 Golden Parachute
Crashes at the beginning of the episode, we never get a good look at it for identification.

2016-03-27 13h09 04.jpg
2016-03-27 13h09 22.jpg
2016-03-27 13h09 33.jpg

Movie: D.A.R.Y.L.

Cessna in the background.
Perhaps a Learjet of FedEx?

Movie: Danger Flight

DangerFlight 00008.jpg

TV Series: Dangers dans le ciel

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Das Boot

Probably radio-commanded models acting as twin medium bombers (Bristol Blenheim or Beaufighter ? Martin 187 Baltimore ?).

DasBoot 4 twin.jpg

Movie: De Gaulle, le géant aux pieds d'argile

2G-GPA unidentified P-40.jpg

Movie: Dead Reckoning (1947)

DeadReckoning47 10200.jpg

TV Movie: Deadly Descent

DD 412cabin.jpg

Movie: Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection

Delta plane1.jpg

TV Series: Der Clown


Movie: Der rote Baron

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Des Teufels General

DTG was.jpg

TV Series: Desert Car Kings

Douglas DC-8 and DC-9 share this cockpit's windows layout.


Video Game: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

DXMD Poster.jpg
DXMD Model2.jpg
DXMD Magazine1.jpg
DXMD Magazine2.jpg

Movie: Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: Ratlos


Movie: Die Bienen - Tödliche Bedrohung

DieBienenTodBed was.jpg

Movie: Die Brücke (1959)

A model with a roundel acting as a fighter approaching, in support of American troops.

DieBrucke fighter1.jpg

And now away.

DieBrucke fighter2.jpg

Short Movie : Die Lady aus dem Weltraum

DieLadyWeltraum was.jpg

TV Movie: Die Luftbrücke – Nur der Himmel war frei== Perhaps a de Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo?

Luftbr was.jpg

Documentary: Die Melodie der Welt

0immelod (4).jpg

TV Series: Die Pfefferkörner

DiePfefferkörner S13E3 F159 section.jpg

Airbus A350? (the side window doesn't match the real one).
On the TV screen, we see the A380 shape.


Reverse angle.

DiePfefferkörner S13E3 F159 glass.jpg

TV Series: Die Rettungsflieger

Rettungs 1-04 Cessna.png

Movie : Die Stille nach dem Schuß


TV Series : Die Straßen von Berlin

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Documentary: Dirty Wars

2014-03-03 12.42.13.png

TV Series: Doctor-X


Movie: Don't Go Near the Water

Among several war footages showing Japanese aircraft in distress, this highly recognizable and frequently used shot. Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

DGNTW japDV.jpg

Movie : Drones (2013)

Behind the General Lawson (top right) :

Drones 00008.jpg

Movie: Dver, otkrytaya v nebo

DOvN 00016.jpg
DOvN 00017.jpg

Video Game: Dying Light

DyingL Plane1.jpg
DyingL Plane2.jpg

Miniseries: Dødelig kjemi


Movie: Eagle Eye


Movie: Echappement libre

At right, in the distance, behind the cars.

Just a part of the fuselage of this Olympic Airways airliner.

Movie: Eine Armee Gretchen

Despite the lack of national insignia, probably a Soviet aircraft as the screenplay is at the end of World War Two on the Eastern front.


Movie: El Capo


Movie: El Norte

2014-04-21 23h43 57.png
2014-04-21 23h44 09.png

TV Series: Emergency!

Impdb 29 57.jpg

Video Game: Emergency 4

Em4Deluxe 2014-05-23 18-34-33-76.jpg

Movie: Enemy Action

Enemyaction1999hurtommp4 001676049.jpg

TV Movie: Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb

EnolaGayTV80 jap.jpg

TV Series: Entourage

Ep. 4.11 No Cannes Do
The second aircraft from the top.

2015-05-09 04h33 03.png

Movie: Entscheidung in den Wolken

EidW Do-27 1h12m35.JPG

Movie: Es muß nicht immer Kaviar sein

Possibly F-CAEK AVIA 40P c/n 20. General layout seems good but the wing (more like the AVIA 41P minus its struts).

Kaviar1 planeur.jpg

The Fauvel is now on the hangar's threshold. Unidentified aircraft between the three Morane-Saulnier.

Kaviar1 airfield.jpg

Movie: Escape From New York

A light unidentified aircraft is quickly seen towing the IAR glider.
That's a Bellanca Citabria or Scout.

NY1997 Cessna IAR 0h22m12.jpg
NY1997 Cessna IAR 0h22m40.jpg

Movie: Esli zavtra voyna...

EZV A was.jpg

Unidentified Model (Soviet victory).

EZV J model.jpg

Movie: Espoir, sierra de Teruel

Espoir foe 0h51mn26.JPG
Espoir SD 0h36mn00.JPG

Movie: Eyjafjallajökull

Eyjafjallajökull TrafficJam.jpg

Bottom right corner.

Eyjafjallajökull title.jpg
Eyjafjallajökull TV1.jpg

Movie: Fail Safe (1964)

Perhaps Sparrow I's during tests on a Douglas F3D Skyknight in the early 1950s?

FS64 guess.png

Movie: Fandango

2014-09-19 15h59 38.png
2014-09-19 16h01 40.png

Movie: Fantomas snimaet masku

Fantomas-2008 airfield.jpg

Perhaps a Grob G109B touring motor glider hidding an unidentified Swiss aircraft.

Fantomas-2008 glider.jpg

Video Game: Far Cry 3

Big Plane 1.jpg

Video Game: Far Cry 4

FC4 P2.jpg

Movie: Fei hu

FeiHu 00-00-35.jpg
FeiHu 5mn10.jpg

Movie: Feuertaufe

Feuertaufe Polish-poster.jpg

High wing type (Lublin R XIII ? PZL P.7 or P.11 ?).

Feuertaufe Parasol.jpg

Bristol engine of a PZL fighter or a P 23 Karas?

Feuertaufe Polish-wreck1.jpg

Another type of aircraft.

Feuertaufe Polish-wreck2a.jpg
Feuertaufe Polish-wreck2b.jpg

Movie: Fifty Shades of Grey

FSoG airfield.jpg

Documentary Filmavisen

I3 74.jpg
Reg. SE-ALS ?

Santos Dumont Demoiselle replica?

I3 86.jpg
I4 64.jpg

And many others. See page for details ...

Movie: Final Approach (1991 film)

Instrument panel from a side by side cockpit, not a tandem layout like the SR-71.

FApproach 00001.jpg

Movie: Final Approach (2007 TV Movie)

Ep. 01
Takeoff of an unidentified airliner of Continental Airlines.

FinApp-1 Continental.jpg

Finché c'è guerra c'è speranza

FinchéCGCS prop.jpg

TV Series: Flashpoint

Shots of Toronto Pearson International Airport.

2015-01-03 01h57 43.png
2015-01-03 02h00 55.png
2015-01-03 02h26 18.png

Movie: Flat Top

According the screenplay, attacking Japanese aircraft.
Too far away to be identified (North American T-6 Texan ? archive footage of a flypast (Dauntless ?).

FlatTop 04215.jpg

Most of the dogfighting have been seen or reused in other movies (IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft). For example :

FlatTop 04301.jpg
FlatTop 04515.jpg
Footage blackened compared about other uses.
FlatTop 05020.jpg

Perhaps a Yokosuka P1Y ? (already seen in Flying Leathernecks).

FlatTop 10457.jpg

Movie: Flight to Tangier

FlightToTangier 05600.jpg

Movie: Flood!


Movie: Floride


Movie: Fly Me

FlyMe 00006.jpg
FlyMe2 00006.jpg

Movie: Flying Blind

FlyingBlind what.png
FlyingBlind what2.png

Movie: Flying Leathernecks

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Documentary: Flying Monsters

The crew is seated in a Glaser-Dirks DG-1000S which hides a Schleicher ASK 21. But what are the gliders on the left ?

FM Gliders.jpg

Movie: Flying Wild

FlyingW unknown 12mn44.jpg
FlyingW Piper 13mn06.jpg

TV Series: Flying Wild Alaska

2014-01-20 05h40 51.png
2014-01-20 16h21 26.png
2014-02-22 02h30 47.png
2014-08-23 02h26 59.png

Movie : Fortunat

Unidentified U.S. Army liaison aircraft seen on a landing craft during the D Day.

Fortunat 6Juin1944.jpg

Video Game: Forza Horizon 2

FH2 I-PGVT.jpg

Documentary: Fröhliche Zukunft! — Wünsche, Wunder und Visionen

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Fun with Dick and Jane (2005)

FWDAJ RC-model 0h54m43.jpg

Movie: Gake no ue no Ponyo

On the left.

Ponyo CIMG6356.jpg
Ponyo CIMG6365.jpg

Aircraft on the left.

Ponyo CIMG6366.jpg

Aircraft above the green Chinook.

Ponyo CIMG6367.jpg

Movie: Gern hab' ich die Frauen gekillt


Movie: Giarabub

Not the Savoia Marchetti SM.79 it is supposed to be :

Giarabub 02554.jpg

A biplane (or high wing plane ?) wreck :

Giarabub 10442.jpg

TV Series: Gideon's Way

Airplane in the background.


Movie: Gloria (1931 - Germany)

Probably the Rohrbach Ro VIIIA Roland registered D-1692 in the middle of the screenshot.

Gloria-D Tempelhof D-1692.jpg

An ermine (stoat) playing with an unidentified model.

Gloria-D model.jpg

Runners of the aerobatic competition during the airshow.
This competitor's aircraft worn a F on the rudder.

Gloria-D airshow2.jpg
Gloria-D airshow5.jpg

Unidentified glider crossing an aircraft doing aerobatics.

Gloria-D airshow4.jpg

Unidentified biplane aircrafts given to be a flight of American aviators welcoming the Junkers W 33 aircrew.

Gloria-D US welcome.jpg

Movie: Godzilla (2014)

Godz Airliner.png
Godz Rocket.png

Animated Movie: Golgo 13: The Professional

2014-09-20 03h30 18.png
2014-09-20 03h30 39.png

Video Game: Grand Theft Auto V

Looks like the AMERICAN BLIMP CORP A60+.

GTA V Blimp.jpg

Movie: Grassroots


TV Series: Green Acres

Also in Petticoat Junction.


Movie: Green Lantern

Two unidentified helicopters.

Movie: Gung Ho!

The ship ferrying soldiers from the West Coast to Hawaï is overflew by a patrol aircraft. Could be a Lockheed Ventura.

GungHo patrol.jpg

Movie: Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Hachi adogstale-kbvo-dt-2013-12-30ts snapshot 000948 20131230 093246.jpg

Movie: Hamle be H3

H3 AirBus.jpg

Hawker Siddeley HS.125? (shape center left).

H3 Biz-jet.jpg

Movie: Hard Ticket to Hawaii

HT2H UL.jpg

TV Series: Hawaii Five-O (1968-1980)


Movie: Heat

2016-03-20 02h54 15.jpg

Movie: Hell's Angels

HA mayday.jpg
HA fuselage.jpg
HA crash.jpg

Movie: Hellzapoppin'

Hellzapoppin CIMG7667.jpg
Hellzapoppin CIMG7668.jpg

Movie: Hercule

The newspaper will sponsored an air raid Paris-Papeete. A model of what is probably a trimotor is exposed on the desk of Juliette.

Hercule maquette.png

Larger plan displays a twin engine with a different fuselage.

Hercule bois.png

Hercule speaking with a mechanic under the wing of an unidentified aircraft (perhaps a Farman F-190).

Hercule atelier.png

Movie: Here Comes Mr. Jordan

Same action but two or three aircraft !

HereComesMrJordan PendletonAircraft.jpg
HereComesMrJordan PendletonAircraft3.jpg
HereComesMrJordan PendletonAircraft4.jpg

Movie: Talk:Here Comes the Navy

Discussion tab of the movie 'Here Comes the Navy'.

HCtN t00003.jpg

Movie: Hereafter

Nearly dead, the Marie's visage and a four blade helicopter are blurred. Perhaps a NHIndustries NH90 ? (AgustaWestland AW101 has five blades).

Hereafter helo.jpg

Movie: High Treason

Unidentified Airship :

High-Treason-1929 01353.jpg

Unidentified Fighter :

High-Treason-1929 01323.jpg

Unidentified Bomber :

High-Treason-1929 06.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft with 12 exhaust pipes ...

High-Treason-1929 impdbv1.jpg

Movie: Hitler's Children


Movie: Hitman: Agent 47

Ag47 Plane2.jpg

Movie: Hogaraka ni ayume

Hni unknown.jpg

Movie: Home Is Where the Hart Is

Homeiswherethehartis1987hdtvripavi 000784356.jpg

Video Game: Homefront


Animated Movie: Hotaru no haka

TdL 002 Kamikaze.jpg

Movie: Hum Dono (1961)

Memories of World War 2 fightings on CBI theater. Probably Hawker Hurricanes.

HumDono HHurricane.jpg

Movie: Hurra, die Schule brennt

A glider with a V-tail is hanged in the hangar; perhaps a Schempp-Hirth SHK?

HDSB V-tail.jpg

Movie: Hypnotisören

Flyg1 2.jpg

Movie: I banchieri di Dio

Unidentified Cessna Citation variant :


Movie: Ivanovo detstvo / етство Ивана

IvanovoDetstvo unknown.jpg

Movie: I vinti


Movie: Iluminados por el fuego

IPEF helo1.png
IPEF helo2.png

Movie: Im Alter von Ellen

IAvEllen p0003.jpg
IAvEllen p0004.jpg

Documentary : Im Kampf gegen den Weltfeind: Deutsche Freiwillige in Spanien

Not a Polikarpov I-15/152/153.


Movie: Im pokoryayetsya nebo



What seems to be a Yakovlev piston engine fighter.


Movie: In Harm's Way

2016-03-02 20h12 03.jpg
2016-03-02 20h12 37.jpg
2016-03-04 03h47 00.jpg
2016-03-04 03h47 33.jpg
2016-03-04 04h11 22.jpg

Movie: In the Name of the Father

Four-engined airliner.


Documentary: Inside Job

2014-12-04 19h46 13.png

Teterboro Airport.

2014-12-04 19h46 22.png

Movie: Invasion U.S.A. (1952)

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Invasión Travesti


Movie: Istrebiteli


Movie: It's All About Love


Movie: Jackboots on Whitehall


Movie: Jadu Tona

Made for movie? or rather a kind of model of Piper Cub.


Movie: Jag är nyfiken - en film i gult


Documentary: James Bond: The True Story


Movie: Jean Galmot, aventurier

Probably a heavily modified microlight - see page for others screenshots.

JG-aventurier CIMG5263.jpg

TV Series: Jericho (2006 TV Series)

Ep. 1.12 The Day Before
To the right of the Astra, an unknown Gulfstream partially hidden, and an unidentified aircraft (possibly a Janet 737-200 though the matter of scale of such airplane in the picture) on the right.


Animated Series: Jormungand

Jorm Quadcopter.png

Operating with a USN carrier fleet, so they're probably F/A-18 Hornets. However, they are too distant to know for sure.

Jorm USN Jets 1.png
Jorm USN Jets 2.png

Movie : Jour de fête

Unidentified Stinson Reliant variant :

JourDeFete stinson-alike.jpg

Movie : Jump Into Hell

JumpIntoHell Renault.jpg
JumpIntoHell Crash.jpg

Movie: Jurassic Attack

1005 10.jpg

Movie: King of the Lost World

KofLW 230.jpg
KofLW 240.jpg
KofLW 415.jpg
KofLW 450.jpg
KofLW 1525.jpg

Not a Douglas C-133 cockpit as the screenplay would have us believe :

KofLW 10816.jpg

Should be the cockpit of the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet...

KofLW 11110.jpg

Movie: Kampen om tungtvannet

Various aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Klass

Klass impdb.jpg

Movie: Křik

Perhaps a flypast by some Dassault Mystère IV.

Krik team.jpg

Movie: Kurenai no buta

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: L'Attaque du monstre géant suceur de cerveaux de l'espace !!

AMGSCE KingKong.jpg

Movie: L'avvocato Guerrieri


Movie: L'empailleuse

Unidentified white glider in the background.

LEmpailleuse CIMG6349.jpg

Documentary: L'épopée des pionniers de l'aviation dans les Caraïbes

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: L'héritier

Many aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: L'honorable Stanislas, agent secret

The shadow on the ground is not the Super Emeraude flew by Stanislas but more likely an high wing aircraft, perhaps a Morane-Saulnier MS.500.

HSAG 00009.jpg

Movie: L'école des facteurs


Caudron Luciole (left) but what about the two others ?


TV Series : L.A. Law

Bottom painting.


Movie: La 7ème compagnie au clair de lune

7eCCL frame.jpg

Movie: La grande illusion


Movie: La mémoire courte


Movie: La mort en ce jardin

LaMortEnCeJardin 1.JPG

Movie: La morte viene dallo spazio


Movie: La muerte llama a las 10


Movie: La mujer murciélago


Movie: La noche del hermano


Movie: La sindrome di Stendhal

(right) aircraft seen from its 6 o'clock.

SindStendhal 3jets.jpg

Movie: Largo Winch

Largo airliner2.jpg

Movie: Largo Winch II

Probably a Cessna T-41B/D or Cessna 172, perhaps of the Royal Thai Air Force or Royal Thai Army but colors are not those known for these services (image built from the merging of four taken during a panorama).

LW2 Cessna Merging2.jpg

Helicopter in the distance, just beyond the nose landing gear.

LW2 Helo CIMG5870.jpg

Movie: Le diable rose


Movie: Le grain de sable

00 02 43-8614-02-21-12h48m56s860.jpg

Movie: Le héros de la Marne

Stock shot :

HerosMarne 00005.jpg
HerosMarne 00007.jpg
HerosMarne 00012.jpg
HerosMarne 00017.jpg

Movie: Le mort en fuite

Berthomieu36mort Farman.jpg

Documentary : Le mystère de la Caravelle

Curtiss? North-American T6?.

Movie: Le raid

The three aircrafts on the ground, at right.

LeRaid-2001 apron.jpg

Movie: Le vice et la vertu


Documentary: Les ailes de France: La Caravelle

Up on the right. Probably a Nieuport 10 or 11.


Angle’s view is difficult… MD80? DC-9? Boeing 727…?


Movie: Les avions de la première guerre mondiale 1914-1916 & 1917-1918

Many aircraft - see pages for details.

Movie: Les cinq sous de Lavarède

Just this engine cowling.

5sous 00001.jpg
5sous 00006.jpg

TV Series: Les faucheurs de marguerites

Perhaps LZ-5 ?

LF2MS1E5 Zep.jpg

Replica Made For Movie (no gas).

LF2MS1E5 Zep2.jpg

Archive footage.

LF2MS1E5 Zep3.jpg
LF2MS1E5 Zep3-1.jpg

Movie : Les grandes vacances

What's is used by a waterskier provided an unexpected hang-glider to Mr Bosqier.
This model was used in 1967 during the World Expo at Montreal for a promotional show.

LGV HGlider.png

Documentary: Lightning Over Water

Airbus A300?


TV Series: Lilyhammer

Ep. 1.04 The Midwife

Lilyhammer i1.1.jpg

Documentary: Look at Life: The Big Take-Off

Unknown yellow single engine plane to the left and behind the Kestral.

2014-05-25 01h05 04.png

Documentary: Look at Life: The Car Has Wings

LAL CHW Various 1.jpg
LAL CHW Various 2.jpg

Movie: Lord of the Flies (1963)


Movie: Los novios búlgaros


Movie: Low Cost


LowCost landing.jpg

Movie: Luciano Serra, pilota

LSP what.jpg

Movie: Lucy

Lucy 00001.jpg

An Airbus A320 of (fictionous) Air Bengali is surrounded by ...

Lucy 00008.jpg

Movie: Ma vie en l'air


Most probably Star Airlines A320 (French movie --> French airline, color of cowling and interior, shape of windows)

See Talk:Ma vie en l'air

Movie: MacArthur

2014-01-31 00h32 04.png

Movie : Mad Max 2

MadMax2 Gyro0.jpg
MadMax2 Gyro.jpg

Movie : Mädchen für alles

MFA Fw56.jpg
MFA was.jpg

Documentary: Malaysia 370: The Plane That Vanished

2014-07-28 21h06 12.png

Movie: Man Of Steel

ManOfSteel unident.jpg

Movie: Map of the Human Heart

Mof-theHH 1.jpg

Movie: Marcel Dassault, l'homme au pardessus

Hpardessus Spain.jpg

Movie: Master of the World

Many aircraft - see page for details.

TV Movie: Matchmaker Santa

Biz jet in the center, behind the car.


Video Game: Medal of Honor: Warfighter

MOHW Drone.jpg

TV Series Medicopter 117

Episode 5.02


Movie: Meet the Parents

MeetTheParents cabin.jpg

Movie : Méfiez-vous des blondes

Unidentified Douglas reg. F-B... .

MdB DCx1.jpg

Movie: Men in Black 3

MiB3 00004.jpg
MiB3 00005.jpg

Movie: Menaces

Last biplanes of the French Air Force ?
If yes, these could be Breguet 19s or Amiot 122s but not Bleriot SPAD 510.

Menaces biplans.jpg
Menaces biplant.jpg

Video Game: Metro: Last Light

MLL Plane1.jpg
MLL Plane2.jpg
MLL Plane3.jpg
MLL Plane4.jpg

Video Game : Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge Airliner.png

TV series Mission Top Secret

E4C W84Miss SAM3.jpg

Movie : Mission Air

2015-03-29 02h59 43.png

Unidentified Airliner

2015-03-29 03h04 22.png

TV Series: Monty Python's Flying Circus

Grumman A-6 Intruder?

Jet 1.jpg

Movie : Mr. Moto's Last Warning

Perhaps a Short Singapore in Egypt (despite the map shows Tunis).


Documentary: Mystères d'archives (TV Series)

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Documentary: MythBusters

2014-02-01 18h35 41.png

Movie: Nankyoku monogatari

Probably a Bell 204/UH-1 alike helicopter. Only cabin views (and sound of a two blade rotor).

Antartica Helo.jpg
Antartica Helo2.jpg

Movie: Nebesnyy tikhokhod


Video Game: Need for Speed: Most Wanted

NfS MW Plane1.jpg
NfS MW Plane3.jpg

Movie : Ni le ciel ni la terre

NLCNLT 00003.jpg

Movie : Night Train to Munich

Night train to munich3.jpg

Movie : No dispares contra mí


Documentary Series : Norsk Films revy


Documentary: Nos ailes au combat

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie : Nowhere Alaska

NowhereAlaska B.jpg
NowhereAlaska C.jpg

TV Series: NYPD Blue

Ep. 9.10 Jealous Hearts


TV Series: Ojciec Mateusz

The smallest yellow plane with the white wings on the very left.

Lotnia (6).jpg

Similar ones.

Lotnia (1).jpg
Lotnia (4).jpg
Lotnia (5).jpg
Lotnia (3).jpg
Lotnia (2).jpg

Movie: Olje!

I1 25.jpg

Movie: Operation Daybreak

Supposed to be a Handley Page Halifax. As the crew access was a hatch in the left bottom corner of the rear fuselage, the Halifax misses such door.

OpD inside.png
OpD jump.png

Movie: Ore wa, kimi no tame ni koso shini ni iku

FTWL school-Bip.jpg

Documentary : Oslo Lufthavn Fornebu 1939-1998

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Osobo vazhnoye zadaniye

Osobo-VZ2 glider.jpg

Perhaps a Sheremetev Sh-5.

Osobo-VZ2 Sheremetev Sh-5.jpg
Osobo-VZ2 glider3.jpg
Osobo-VZ2 GB1.jpg

Likely a Focke-Wulf Fw 189.

Osobo-VZ2 GB2 Fw189.jpg

Movie: Pad u Raj

PUR Crashed1.jpg
PUR Crashed2.jpg

Movie : Padeniye Berlina

PBerlina 00006.jpg

Movie : Palais Royal !

PalaisRoyal shooting.jpg

TV Series : Pan Am (TV Series)

Various aircraft and model. See page for details.

Movie : Pancho Barnes

PB1988 A3-brit.jpg

Probably the modified Waco (600 hp ?) of Jimmy Franklin.

PB1988 A4.jpg
PB1988 pub-unk.jpg
PB1988 pub-unk2.jpg

Movie: Paper Planes

PaPl 00029.jpg

Movie: Parachute Battalion

ParachuteBattalion what0.jpg

TV Series : Passeur d'enfants


Movie: Pee-wee's Big Adventure

PeeWee B-29 DSCF0677.jpg
PeeWee Zep DSCF0678.jpg

Short Movie: People of Britain


Movie: Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Percy unid 1h08mn50.jpg

Unidentified helicopter in the center of the picture (just at right of the clock).


Movie: Peregon

At left and center on the identification chart.

TV Series: Petticoat Junction

Same unidentified aircraft of Green Acres (N95597).


Movie : Phantom from Space

Three (large ?) aircraft low overflying vessels.

PFS Fleet.png

Documentary : Philly Throttle

Ep. 1.01 Lights Out
Unidentified Ultralight.


Documentary : Pioniere : Siegeszug der Düsenjets

Several German and British aircraft of the twenties and thirties still to be identified. See page for screenshots.

Movie: Planes

T Planes helos.jpg
Planes Neb1.png
Planes Neb-twin.png

Gunnar Viking wears the number 12.

Yellow spinner at left.
Planes team.png

Pictures on the wall at right.

Planes Wall.png

Among the tribune, Piper and Cessna (under the P and G) ? And a twin in the bottom right corner.

Planes Stands.png

The black aircraft with yellow curves, running under #17.

Planes Neb3.png

Movie: Planes: Fire & Rescue

Cessna 172 or 182?

Planes2 cessna2.png

Twin engine on the right.

Planes2 twin.png
Planes2 BladeR.png
Planes2 Fire N626BG.png
Planes2 Chop1.png

Movie: Pod Twoją obronę

PTO pics.jpg

Introducing the airshow.

PTO airshow.jpg

Movie: Point Break (1991)

PtBreak various.jpg

There is a P-51 Mustang and the canopy of a T-28 Trojan. But the other plane ?

PtBreak engineless.jpg

Movie: Poliziotto superpiù

PoliziottoS 00001.jpg
PoliziottoS 00002.jpg

Movie: Ponte Aérea

Several screenshots.

Movie: Povest o nastoyashchem cheloveke

Yakovlev ?

Povest 001.jpg
Povest 002.jpg

TV Series: Prehistoric Park

Ep. 6 Supercroc


Movie: PT 109

PT109 I rescue.jpg

Movie : Quand je serai dictateur

QJSD cessna.jpg

Movie : Quantum Of Solace

QoS Various Aircraft.jpg

Video Game: Quantum of Solace (Video Game)

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Quax, der Bruchpilot

Several aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Race for the Yankee Zephyr

(Background) Not a liaison aircraft of the World War 2 but probably a Cessna O-2 Skymaster or a Cessna T-41.

RftYZ Liaison.jpg

Movie: Rapsodia Bałtyku

RB35 Flypast.jpg

Movie: Rare Exports


Movie: Ray (2004)

Only this shot of the undercarriage is seen to illustrate that Ray's carreer has a major boost when he starts to play in Europe with the help of expanding transatlantic airways.


Perhaps a Learjet in the distance (at left, under the wing of the C-47).


Movie : RED 2

RED2 00004.jpg
RED2 00009.jpg

Movie : Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf Nazi Plane5.jpg

Movie: Red Flag: The Ultimate Game

RFtUG 00020.jpg

Movie: Red Sky (2014)

Four engines airliner.

RedSky RLiner.jpg

Fictional or real trimotor ?

RedSky trimotor.jpg

Movie: Requiem per un agente segreto

(foreground) Unknown aircraft with registration ending in LO (I-FULO or I-EULO ?).

01 31 59-7148-08-28-13h44m24s390.jpg

Movie: Rescue Dawn


Video Game: Resident Evil: Revelations


Movie: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Unidentified Helicopter (left) and Aircraft (right) crashed at the outskirts of Raccoon City.

RETFC Plane.jpg

Movie: Rien de grave

RienDeGrave 1.jpg

Movie: Rivers and Tides


Documentary: Roland Garros : l'embrasseur de nuages

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Ruby Cairo


Animated Movie: Rupan Sansei vs Meitantei Conan

RPVMC Heli.jpg

Movie: Sahara (1943)


Movie: Sahara (2005)

Sahara GP 2.jpg

Documentary: Saint-Barthélemy, la Belle et l'avion

StBarth myst.jpg
StBarth myst twin.jpg

TV Series: San Francisco International


Movie: Sands of the Kalahari


Movie : Scary Movie 3

SM3 Plane.2.jpg

Documentary Series: Seconds from Disaster

American Airlines plane in Background.

Movie: Secret Agent (1936)

SAgent B.jpg

Movie Series: Secret Agent X-9 (1945)

SA-X9-13 raiders.png

Documentary : Seeds of Freedom (2012)

Seeds of Freedom 0105.jpg

Movie : Seng fat dak ging


Movie : Shchit i mech

Shchit4 SovFig.jpg
Shchit4 SovFig2.jpg

Movie : Short Circuit 2

Various R/C Aircraft.

Pdvd 2140.jpg
Pdvd 2154.jpg

Movie : Signé Arsène Lupin

SAL59 00022.jpg

Monoplane MORANE-BOREL ?

SAL59 00023.jpg

Documentary: Silent Wings: The American Glider Pilots of WWII

The poor quality od this screenshot doesn't allow to distinguish a Frankfort TG-1 from a Schweizer (TG-2 or TG-3) or a Laister-Kauffman TG-4.

SW unk TG.jpg
SW unk TG boarding.jpg

Movie : Simon och ekarna


Movie : Slattery's Hurricane

2016-02-09 00h31 36.jpg
2016-02-09 00h31 58.jpg
2016-02-09 00h32 15.jpg

Video Game: Sniper Elite III

SEIII Bomber1.jpg

Movie : Snowden

Snowden Airplane.jpg

Video Game: Snoopy vs the Red Baron

Sally Brown's plane. Looks like a Fokker D.VIII (except the keel).


Lucy van Pelt's plane.


Pig Pen's plane.


Short Movie : Son Indochine

The plane seems to be a Grumman F6F Hellcat with the cowling and spinner of a North American T-6.

SonIndochine CIMG5142.jpg
SonIndochine CIMG5143.jpg

Movie : Son in Law

2016-03-20 20h27 36.jpg

TV Series : Sonda

Many aircraft - see page for details.

Movie : Sorcerer

Aircraft broken in parts along the runway. See the page for the screenshot.

Movie: Soul Plane

Soul Plane 4 Un 1.jpg

Movie: Soylent Green

Soylent green plane1 0mn43.jpg

Documentary : Space Dive

Please note that it's an helicopter (the shadow of the rotor slowing down is visible... but not on this creenshot!).

SpDive unk-helo DSCF0652.jpg

Documentary : Squadron 992

Sq992 00010.jpg

Movie: Stalingrad

In the yellow ring, an unidentified Russian fighter.

Stalingrad2013 VVS.jpg

TV Movie : Starfighter - Sie wollten den Himmel erobern

Starfighter-SWdHe desk-model.jpg

Movie: Steal the Sky

STS Cessna.jpg

Probably a Cessna 402 or a similar twin engine light aircraft under the left wingtip of the MiG.

STS civil.jpg

Movie: Storm (1999)

Storm-1999 4Jet CIMG5790.jpg

Movie: Super 8

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Superman Returns

Model of the mechanical countryside model.

Movie: Svet dalyokoy zvezdy

SDZ 00001.jpg

Desk top model; perhaps a Lavochkin La-15 shape ?

SDZ 00013.jpg

Seen at the end of part two.

SDZ2 00005.jpg

Movie: Symphonie pour un massacre

Several blurred aircraft in the distance.


Movie: Test Pilot

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: The Adventures of Hal 5

Adv-HAL5 DHC-1.png

Movie: The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle Sky-Bathroom.jpg

TV series : The A-Team (TV Series)

Several unidentified aircraft or model through the five seasons. See page.

TV Miniseries : The Andromeda Strain (TV Miniseries)

Seen on the rightmost upper screen.

TAS Carrier screen.png

TV Movie: The Arrow

Looks like to the North American XB-70 Valkyrie but without vertical stabilizer and in RCAF markings!

TheArrow96 XB-70.png
TheArrow96 XB-70not.png

Movie : The Box of Delights


Movie: The Carpetbaggers


Movie: The Cat from Outer Space


Movie: The Chipmunk Adventure


Movie: The Conquest of the Air

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: The Constant Gardener

CG airliner-00h56m58.jpg
CG unknown-01h32m45.jpg

Movie: The Crow Road

Crplanesbedroom (500x300).jpg

Movie: The Crowded Sky

Blurred which can not help to identify.

CrownedSky 00004.jpg

Movie: The Da Vinci Code

DaVinciCode Shoreham-Airport2.jpg

Movie: The Dam Busters

Airfield flooded.


Movie: The Expendables 3

Expend3 unk1.jpg
Expend3 unk2.jpg

At left, probably an Embraer 170 or 190 (note the winglet's shape).

Expend3 A319-VIP.jpg

Movie: The Fighting Lady

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: The Fighting Marines

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: The Fighting Seabees

Seems to be a plane with a water cooling engine when Japanese were flying air cooling ones.

TV Series: The Finder


Movie: The Firm (1993)

Several aircrafts in a panoramic shot.


Movie: The First of the Few

Curtiss R3C-2 or Gloster IIIA ?

Movie: The Giant Claw

Probably a drawing of a Douglas DC-4.

TGiantClaw what.jpg

Movie: The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Ryan Navion closest to the police car, on the left.


Movie: The Great Dictator

GDictator RealUnk CIMG4241.jpg
GDictator dogfight CIMG4233.jpg

Movie: The Great Escape

On the wall, on the right of the head, a memory picture with probably an Albatros fighter.
Hidden by the harm (on the left of the picture), probably a Pfalz aircraft.

GreatEsc Albatros.JPG

Movie: The Great Gatsby (2013)

Gatsby Ger.jpg

Movie: The Great Race

Balloon CIMG4638.jpg

Movie: The Green Berets

TheGreenBerets T-34A 1h27mn30.jpg

Movie: The Hands of Orlac


Movie: The Hindenburg

The gondola.

Later, this more sophisticated type.

Exact Type of the Zeppelin Unidentified.

Movie: The Imposter


Movie: The Interview (2014)

IntQT 00009.jpg

Movie : The Invisible Man (1958 TV series)

Unidentified Biplane on the desk.

IMS2E1 00008.jpg

Movie: The Kid

Kid airport2.png
Kid Skyway Diner2.png

Movie: The Last Bomb

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

TV Movie: The Last Drop (2005)

TLD2005 what.jpg

Movie: The Last Emperor

LastEmp unk DSCF0683.jpg

Movie: The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (film)

UNCLE2015 Planes.jpg

Movie: The Monuments Men

The kids play with big wooden models. At left, Unidentified German Biplane.

MonumentsMen WW1.png

Movie Serial : The Mystery Squadron

MSq-01 00013.jpg

And some others. See page for details.

Movie: The New Avengers


Movie: The Order of the Black Eagle

Order-ot-BEagle UL1.jpg
Order-ot-BEagle UL2.jpg
Order-ot-BEagle UL3.jpg
Order-ot-BEagle UL4.jpg

Movie: The Other Wife

Taking off in the distance.

Otherwife plane 2.jpg

Footage of a crashsite.


Movie: The Pelican Brief

TPB unk CIMG6008.jpg

TV Series : The Persuaders!

On top of the bookcase and an unidentified high wing propeller airplane on the desk (near the elbow).

Persuaders Ep15 desk.jpg

Movie: The Pilot

Perhaps a Grumman G-164A Ag Cat?

TPilot bipl.PNG
TPilot bip.png
TPilot last-one.png

TV Series: The Prisoner

Probably a Handley Page HP.35 Clive II / HP.36 Hinaidi II; also seen in episode 4.

Prisoner Ep13 Bomber 23mn01.jpg
Prisoner Ep17 SSBS 42mn05.jpg

Movie: The Proposal

The Proposal g.JPG
The Proposal e.JPG

Movie: The Russians Are Coming the Russians Are Coming

Yellow airplane on the right.


Movie: The Shining

TS UA.jpg

Movie: The Sound Barrier

Possibly a Bristol Brigand hanging from the ceiling and on the first poster.

Sound-Barrier Recogn-poster.JPG
Sound-Barrier Recognition.JPG

Movie: The Story of Aviation

Many aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: The Sum of All Fears

SAF Mi-24 1h32m21.jpg

Movie: The Thousand Plane Raid

When the escort fighter shoots down the German one, this fixed landing gear model is visible. Perhaps a Tachikawa Ki-36?

1000PR Jap.png

Movie Serial : The Tiger Woman Ep. 10

TW taylorcraft5.jpg

Movie: The Time Machine (1960)

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

TV Series: The War

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

This private jet looks like a Gulfstream G350/450/500 or a Bombardier Global Express ...

WOWS Plane1.jpg

Movie: The Wolverine

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: The X-Files

Episode 3.16 Apocrypha


Episode 8.10 Badlaa


Movie: They Raid by Night

Later ...

TheyRaidByNight trio.jpg
TheyRaidByNight bombs.jpg

Movie: Things to Come

ThingsToCome bombers.jpg
ThingsToCome 1976 fighter.jpg
ThingsToCome 1976 Flight.jpg

Movie: Thirteen Days

13days what2.jpg
13Days i007781.jpg

Another unidentified aircraft (probably a cargo but where are the wheels whels ?).

13days what3.jpg

Movie: Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie : Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Saab JAS 39 Gripen or MiG 21?


Video Game: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist

SCB Biplane.jpg

Movie: Tomb Raider: Legend

TRL Attack.jpg

TV Series: Torchwood

Torchwood S1E10 airport0.png
Torchwood S1E10 airport1.png

Movie: Toto le héros

TotoLH jouet2.png

Movie: Toward the Unknown

(at right) A Fairchild C-82 Packet (but the inner wing section doesn't suit) or an unarmed North American B-25 Mitchell with a solid nose ?

ToUnk C-82.png

Movie: Transformers: Age of Extinction

TAOE China1.jpg
TAOE Ski1.jpg

Movie: Transporter 3


Movie: Tuntematon sotilas (1955)

TuntematonSotilas escort.jpg
TuntematonSotilas soviet.jpg

Movie: Turbulence

The 747 in the center has been identified.

Turbulence Unidentified Aircraft.png

Movie: Twin Peaks

Ok about the Learjet but what about those with propeler ?

Twin Peaks Learjet2.jpg

(left) N3416T is already identify as a Cessna 177 Cardinal.

Twin Peaks Planes.jpg

Movie: Un indien dans la ville

Cessna 152?

2IDLV Cessna.jpg

Movie: Un long dimanche de fiançailles

What seems to be a mock up of a crashed Fokker (which one ?).

ULDdF crash.png

A dirigible (red circle) is seen flying over the Trocadero Palace (1878-1935).
Despite action takes place in the aftermath of the World War One, this dirigible has a shape like those of the thirties (Dixmude and Méditerrannée -of the twenties- don't suit well).

ULDdF dirigible.png

Movie: Un singe en hiver

Multiple aircraft - see page for details. Recognition uneasy due to format shift between the shot and the edition.

Movie: Un soir... par hasard


Movie: Unbroken

Unidentified Japanese Twin Engine Aircraft.

Unbk TwinJap.jpg

Movie: V boy idut odni 'stariki'

Vboy 00003.jpg

Movie: Verboten!


Movie: Victory Through Air Power

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie: Vilaine (2008)

Vilaine affiche.png

Movie: Vive la France


Movie: Vive la France (2013)

W8cc (500x206).jpg

Movie: Vysoká modrá zed

Reconnaissance chart (action is set on 1951).

VMZ 00020.jpg

Pre war Czechoslovak biplanes (Aero Vodochody and / or Avia and / or Letov ?).

VMZ 00021.jpg
VMZ 00022.jpg

Desk model or toy ?

Toy (bottom left).

Movie: Wall Street

Wall Street Gekko jet.jpg

Video Game: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

WWOF Heli.jpg
WWOF Plane1.jpg
WWOF Plane2.jpg
WWOF Plane3.jpg

Documentary: When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions

2013-07-22 16h36 03.png

Movie: Where Evil Lies

Whereevillies1995avi 003264507.jpg

Movie: Where We Belong (2019)

WWB 2019 1.jpg
WWB 2019 2.jpg

Movie: Wielka Droga

Unidentified Bomber.
WD D-Gunner.jpg

Movie : Wings in the Dark

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Documentary: Wings of Russia & Wings of Russia (page 2)

Multiple aircraft - see page for details.

Movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Seen in World War One flashback.

XMOW PlaneWW1.jpg
XMOW PlaneWW2.jpg

Movie: Yôjû toshi


Movie: Yoyo


Movie: Zameen

Perhaps a Boeing 737 of Jet Airways ?

Zameen airport.jpg

Airbus A320 ?

Zameen real.jpg

Mini-Series: Zonen

290480-flyg1 1.jpg

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