407 Dark Flight

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407 Dark Flight movie poster.

Movie (2012)
Thai language title:407 เที่ยวบินผี

Marsha Wattanapanich (New)
Peter Knight (Bank)
Paramej Noiam (Jamras)
Patcharee Tubthong (Gift)
Anchalee Hassadeevichit (Phen)

A senior flight attendant named New has to deal with a supernatural event and mystery on the plane when the passengers begin to die one by one.

Boeing 737-200

Non-flyable replica and CGI. Also false registration SA407.

407DF 1-1.jpg
407DF 1-2.jpg
407DF 1-3.jpg
407DF 1-4.jpg
407DF 1-5.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Radio-controlled model.
On the foreground, a T-tail flying model like the real Beechcraft 77 Skipper or the Piper PA-38 Tomahawk or Diamond DA20 or the rare Bellanca Aries (only 5 built). Background, a model which could be a Cessna 152 or Cessna 172.

407DF toy1.jpg

Beechcraft Super King Air

407DF 2-1.jpg
407DF 2-2.jpg

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