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Alexis gentleman chauffeur movie poster.

Movie (1938)

André Luguet (Alexis de Saint-Grisols)
Suzy Prim (Miss Tabasco, alias Margot Fontane)
Raymond Cordy (Émile Panard)
Marcel Simon (Count Tabasco)

A former pilot highly decorated during World War One is now a taxi-driver. By accident, a movie star is one of his customer and by chance, the actualling filming she does required a ... taxi-driver. And soon, the director needs for a pilot.

Caudron C-445 Goéland

Reg. F-AQCB Caudron C-445 Goéland c/n 7346.01 used by Société des Avions Caudron in october 1936 with F-AOYO as first registration until being destroyed in an accident (February 1937). Rebuilt next July and actually making a second maiden flight as F-AQCB. Later sold to Air France and then changed to F-BAAB. Damaged three times during the first semester of 1941 before being seized by Germans in 1942. Unknown registration when flying for Deutsche Lufhansa until destruction in November 1943. Cancellation only on 25th of September 1951 !

Registration is seen only on the last action !
AlexisGC 04449.jpg
With the Renault 6Q engine uncovered.
AlexisGC 11309.jpg
AlexisGC 11410.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Two high-wing aircrafts and two others with low-wing in front of Aéroparc de Buc (airfield south-west of Paris, France which was closed in 1966).

AlexisGC 10939.jpg

Too many extras acting as japanese people don't help the recognition of this low-wing aircraft (two- or three-balde propeller ? Two or more windows behind the cockpit).

AlexisGC 12110.jpg

Stills from a panoramix shot :

AlexisGC 12240.jpg

Seven aircrafts including two biplanes and one parasol. Mostly hidden by what seems to be a Percival Gull, a low-wing biplane with tandem, open cockpits.

AlexisGC 12245.jpg

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