Lord of the Flies (1963)

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This page is about the 1963 film. For the 1990 film, see Lord of the Flies (1990).

Lord of the Flies (1963) movie poster.

Movie (1963)
Also known as: Le seigneur des mouches

James Aubrey (Ralph)
Tom Chapin (Jack)
Hugh Edwards (Piggy)
Roger Elwin (Roger)

After their plane crashes on an island, a group of castaway boys eventually reverts to savagery despite the few rational kids' attempts to prevent that.

English Electric Lightning F.1

This shot is omitted from the 2013 DVD and Blu Ray releases

Hawker Hunter


Fictitious de Havilland DH106 Comet 4C

No variant with six engines was even studied.

Taking off
Side view
The right wing aileron
The plane falls from the skies
The plane deep in water

Gloster Meteor

Picture probably taken on 15th September 1952 during the flypast to celebrate the Queen's coronation year.

With credits
With Big Ben

Toy Plane

One of the youngest boy has a floatplane model.

Fictional Six-Engined Plane

One of the boys is shown with a photograph or sketch of a plane that is not the Comet

Unidentified Aircraft

Later, a single jetplane overflies the island.

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