The Giant Claw

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The Giant Claw movie poster.

Movie (1957)
Also known as:
Italy Il mostro dei cieli
West Germany Angriff der Riesenkralle
Brazil O Ataque Vem do Polo

Jeff Morrow (Mitch MacAfee)
Mara Corday (Sally Caldwell)
Morris Ankrum (Lieutenant General Edward Considine)
Louis Merrill (Pierre Broussard)

During a flight test, Mitch MacAfee -a military pilot- witness a UFO. Despite a scramble, no other pilot meet the phenomena and radar stations record nothing. But soon, strange facts occur until the liaison aircraft in which Mitch is travelling crashes following an air attack.

Lockheed F-94B Starfire

TGiantClaw F-94.jpg
TGiantClaw F-94 scramble.jpg

Northrop F-89D Scorpion

TGiantClaw F-89.jpg
TGiantClaw F-89 radada.jpg

Avro Canada CF-100 Canuck

TGiantClaw AvroC CF-100.jpg

Douglas C-54B Skymaster

TGiantClaw Douglas C-54.jpg

Continuity error : it's something like a Boeing B-29 which crashes after the Beast's attack.

TGiantClaw B-29.jpg
TGiantClaw Douglas C-54b.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Probably a drawing of a Douglas DC-4.

TGiantClaw what.jpg

Bell 47J Ranger

TGiantClaw Bell 47.jpg

Sikorsky S-55

Another continuity error : when seen by profile, the Bell helicopter becomes a Sikorsky one !

TGiantClaw Sikorsky S-55.jpg

Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star

TGiantClaw P-80.jpg

Code FT-508.

TGiantClaw P-80 FT-508.jpg

North American F-86D Sabre

North American F-86D FU-861.

TGiantClaw F-86D FU-861.jpg

Republic F-84E Thunderjet

TGiantClaw F-94-facing.jpg

Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star

In the background.

TGiantClaw T-33.jpg

North American TB-25 Mitchell

Aircraft of the Air National Guard. Tail twin gun replaced by an unknown system. S/n 44-30(25?).

TGiantClaw NA B-25 ANG.jpg

Last aerial scene is performed through a rude model.

TGiantClaw NA B-25 kit.jpg

North American B-25D Mitchell

Footage from 30 Seconds over Tokyo.
41-29754 worn the nose art of Ruptured Duck piloted by Lieutenant Ted Lawson during the famous raid; he later wrote the eponymous book from which the movie was inspired.

TGiantClaw NA B-25 C-D.jpg
TGiantClaw NA B-25 754.jpg
TGiantClaw NA B-25 raid.jpg

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