Parachute Battalion

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Parachute Battalion movie poster.

Movie (1941)

Robert Preston (Donald Morse)
Nancy Kelly (Kit Richards)
Edmond O'Brien (Bill Burke)
Harry Carey (Bill Richards)

Three young men enlist in the US Army and are sent to Fort Benning, for training as parachute infantry. Of course, their military istruction will be mixed with a love affair.

Unidentified Aircraft

Probably North American T-6s.

ParachuteBattalion what0.jpg

Curtiss NBS-4

ParachuteBattalion what1.jpg
ParachuteBattalion what1bis.jpg

Martin NBS-1

ParachuteBattalion Martin-NBS1.jpg

Perhaps the same aircraft. Archive footage used as instructional material to trace the experiment of 1930 about mass parachuting.

ParachuteBattalion test-1930.jpg

Standard J-1

ParachuteBattalion Standart J-1.jpg

Curtiss JN-4 Jenny

ParachuteBattalion test-1930 mj.jpg

Douglas B-18A Digby I

ParachuteBattalion Douglas-B-18.jpg

Douglas C-33

ParachuteBattalion Douglas-C-33.jpg
ParachuteBattalion Douglas-C-33u.jpg
85 10TG on the tail.

Ground instructional airframe (tailless).

ParachuteBattalion GroundSchool.jpg

North American O-47

ParachuteBattalion NA O-47.jpg
ParachuteBattalion NA O-47T.jpg
ParachuteBattalion NA O-47P.jpg
ParachuteBattalion NA O-47i.jpg

Curtiss A-18 Shrike

ParachuteBattalion what2.jpg
ParachuteBattalion smoke-curtain.jpg

Martin B-10 (or variant B-12)

The horizontal stabilizer in the foreground.

ParachuteBattalion what.jpg

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