Air Hostess (1933)

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Air Hostess (1933) movie poster.

Movie (1933)

Evalyn Knapp (Kitty King)
James Murray (Ted Hunter)
Arthur Pierson (Dick Miller)
J.M. Kerrigan (Pa Kearns)

(Synopsis needed)

Somewhere in France (World War One)

Travel Air 2000

A Wichita Fokker (Travel Air 2000 slighty reworked).

AirHostess33 00057.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Shape close to the Pfalz D.IIIa.
AirHostess33 00111.jpg
AirHostess33 00130.jpg

Thomas-Morse S-4C Scout

The farthest aircraft without wings.

AirHostess33 00134.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

AirHotess33 00136.jpg

Travel Air 3000

Unidentified Aircraft

AirHostess33 00222.jpg
AirHostess33 00407.jpg

Somewhere in America (early 1930s)

Ford 5-AT-B Trimotor

Reg. NC9607 Ford 5-AT-B now for TWA-Transcontinental & Western Air (but first owned by TAT as seen in Amelia). Accident at Port Columbus, Ohio on 16 February 1932. Destroyed at Quay, New Mexico on 29 August 1933.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

AirHostess33 NC9607.jpg
AirHostess33 00540.jpg

Curtiss Wright Engine Test Stand

In front of a Fokker F.10.

AirHostess33 CWtest.jpg
AirHostess33 CWtest2.jpg

Ford 5-AT-C Trimotor

Reg. NC8413 Ford Tri-motor 5-AT-C c/n 51 of TWA-Transcontinental & Western Air. This aircraft was destroyed by fire on the ground (August 1938). First commercial flight on June 1929 for Maddux Airlines. Sold to TAT then TWA (with fleet number 601) and christened 'City of Columbus'.

AirHostess33 NC8413 601.jpg
With the Fokker F.10 left landing gear on the foreground.

Northrop Alpha 3

Reg. NC933Y Northrop Alpha 3 of TWA-Transcontinental & Western Air.
With 4 on the tail, this number is in fact the TWA's fleet number for the Northrop Alpha 3 c/n 5.

AirHostess33 Northrop.jpg
AirHostess33 Northrop4.jpg
AirHostess33 Northrop4b.jpg

Aeronca C-3

AirHostess33 01056-Buhl.jpg

Ryan Brougham B-5

AirHostess33 01109-Brougham.jpg
AirHostess33 01110-Brougham.jpg

Buhl Bull Pup LA1

Reg. NC11162 Buhl LA1 Bull Pup c/n 103 with Fleet One's wing NC8610 in the background.

AirHostess33 NC11162.jpg

Ford Trimotor

AirHostess33 A.jpg
AirHostess33 B.jpg

Fokker Super Universal

(continuity error) Taking off, the trimotor becomes a single-engine Fokker.

AirHostess33 Fokker-S-Universal.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

The blurred biplane in the foreground (with the Ford Tri-motor 5-AT-C NC8413 passing behind).

AirHostess33 Bi.jpg

Ford 5-AT-B Trimotor

Reg. NC9644 Ford Tri-motor 5-AT-B c/n 7.

AirHostess33 C.jpg

With the Grand Central Air Terminal, Glendale, California in the background.

AirHostess33 GrandCentralAT Glendale.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

A different plane from the Travel Air that we see landing in the next shot.

AirHostess33 WED.jpg

Travel Air D-4000

AirHostess33 WED2.jpg
AirHostess33 start.jpg

Reg. NC477N Travel Air D-4000 c/n 1379.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

AirHostess33 NC477N.jpg

Fokker F.10

In the foreground.

AirHostess33 TWA.jpg

Again ...

AirHostess33 TWA2.jpg

Catron Fisk CA-11 (modified)

Catron Fisk CA-11 (modified with a Travel Air landing gear) acting as the NC477N Travel Air D-4000 crashing.

AirHostess33 hit.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Note that the wing is still intact !
Maybe an Alexander Eaglerock.

AirHostess33 hit2.jpg

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