The Great Race

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The Great Race movie poster.

Movie (1965)
French title : La grande course autour du monde

Jack Lemmon (Professor Fate/Prince Friedrich Hapnick)
Tony Curtis (Leslie Gallant III nicknamed "The Great Leslie")
Natalie Wood (Maggie DuBois)
Peter Falk (Maximillian "Max" Meen)

Doctor Fate is always trying to overthrew the Great Leslie. Their duel will rise its climax during a car race from New York to Paris.

Curtiss D

Aircraft CIMG4639.jpg
Aircraft CIMG4643.jpg
Aircraft CIMG4642.jpg
Aircraft CIMG4644.jpg

Unidentified Balloon

Balloon CIMG4638.jpg

Fictitious Lighter-Than-Air

LighterThanAir CIMG4645.jpg

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