Chistoe nebo

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Chistoe nebo movie poster.

Movie (1961)
Russian title : Чистое небо
English title : Clear Skies
French title : Ciel pur

Nina Drobysheva (Sasha Lvov)
Eugène Urban (Alexei Astakhov)
Vitaly Konyaev (Petya)
Georgy Kulikov (Mitia)

Alexei Astakhov, a highly skilled pilot, is shot down and made prisonner during the Great Patriotic War. After the fall of the Nazis, he's released but can't find any job, suspected to have been a traitor. Things changes after the death of Stalin. He can fly again and even test a promising prototype.

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15 & Lisunov Li-2

ChistoyeNebo M15-Li2.jpg

Ilyushin Il-14

Or its predecessor, he Ilyushin Il-12.

ChistoyeNebo Il14.jpg

Made for Movie

ChistoyeNebo MfM proto.jpg
ChistoyeNebo MfM proto02.jpg
ChistoyeNebo MfM proto03.jpg
ChistoyeNebo MfM proto04.jpg
ChistoyeNebo MfM proto05.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Unidentified soviet jet used when Alexei Astakhov is boarding the prototype.

ChistoyeNebo jet.jpg

Barrage balloon

Barrage balloons.

ChistoyeNebo balloons.jpg

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