Arrêtez les tambours

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Arrêtez les tambours movie poster.

Movie (1960)
English title : Women and War

Bernard Blier (Doctor Leproux, major of Courdimanche village)
Lucile Saint-Simon (Catherine Leproux, his daughter)
Lutz Gabor (the German officier)
Anne Doat (Dany, a woman from the Underground)

Dr. Leproux treats as resistant as German. As mayor, he must follow the orders of the German but it also helps the Resistance (French Underground). For many villagers who only know his numerous and young love affairs and see him with German officers, he's a treator. For the German General Staff, he's a citizen whose beware. Here comes the D-Day.

Unidentified Aircraft

ArrLesTambours 00002.jpg
ArrLesTambours 00005.jpg

Movie's last picture of aircrafts are those USAF bombers (or RAF daylight raiders in 1945).

ArrLesTambours 00024 USAF.jpg

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress

ArrLesTambours 00003 B-17.jpg

The left wing of a upside down crashed B-17. Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

ArrLesTambours 00008 B-17 DV.jpg

Airspeed AS.51 Horsa I

ArrLesTambours 00004 D-Day glider.jpg

North American P-51 Mustang III

ArrLesTambours 00007 P-51 RAF.jpg

Douglas DB-7 Boston III

The only long aviation footage, a low raid over French coast (1943 or spring 1944 ?).

ArrLesTambours 00009 Boston.jpg

Boston III of the Free French (342 Sq. 'Lorraine').

ArrLesTambours 00010.jpg

This one is coded OA-V.

ArrLesTambours 00012 342sq Lorraine OA-V.jpg

Martin B-26 Marauder

ArrLesTambours 00013 bombing.jpg

Focke-Wulfe Fw 190 A

ArrLesTambours 00014 Fw-190.jpg
ArrLesTambours 00017 Fw190.jpg

Hawker Typhoon

Quickly seen between the two footages of the Focke-Wulfe Fw 190 A.

ArrLesTambours 00015 Typhoon.jpg

Messerschmitt Bf 109

ArrLesTambours 00018 Bf109.jpg
ArrLesTambours 00019 Bf109.jpg

Junkers Ju 87 Stuka

Probably from a German propaganda movie of the beginning of the war (which one ?).

ArrLesTambours 00020 propaganda.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Probably a ventral gunner station (Heinkel 111 ?).

ArrLesTambours 00021 gunner.jpg

Douglas DB-7 Boston III

ArrLesTambours 00022 Boston3.jpg

Focke-Wulfe Fw 190 A

ArrLesTambours 00023 Fw190.jpg

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