The Invisible Man (1958 TV series)

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The Invisible Man (1958 TV series) title screen.

TV Series (1958-1960)
French title : L'homme invisible

Tim Turner (Dr. Peter Brady, the Invisible Man)

After an experiment goes wrong, the scientist Dr Brady is permanently invisible. Despite searching for an antidote, he is always ready to solve crimes, help people in distress and defeat spies.

Season Two

Lockheed 14 Super Electra

Ep. 2.01 Point of Destruction
Registration in Canada but only the CF- prefix is visible and proves that image is reversed.

IMS2E1 00002.jpg

de Havilland DH103 Hornet & Vickers Valiant

Ep. 2.01 Point of Destruction
A de Havilland DH.103 Hornet model is lying wheels up in front of a picture of a white Valiant.

IMS2E1 00004.jpg

Tupolev Tu-104

Tupolev Tu-104 of Aeroflot.

Unidentified Aircraft

Unidentified Biplane on the desk.

IMS2E1 00008.jpg

de Havilland DH100 Sea Vampire

Ep. 2.01 Point of Destruction

IMS2E1 00015.jpg

Vickers Valiant B.1

Ep. 2.01 Point of Destruction
Please, note the Vickers Viscount in the left background. In the foreground, with 218 on the nose is probably Valiant B.1 RAF serial WP218.

IMS2E1 00007.jpg

An airframe without engines.

IMS2E1 00009.jpg
IMS2E1 00011.jpg
IMS2E1 00013.jpg

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