A Woman's Devotion

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A Woman's Devotion poster.

Movie (1956)

Ralph Meeker (Trevor Stevenson)
Janice Rule (Stella Stevenson)
Paul Henreid (Capt. Henrique Monteros)
Rosenda Monteros (María)

A newly-married American couple vacationing in Mexico is prevented by the police from leaving Acapulco when the husband becomes the prime suspect in a local girl's murder.

Convair 340-51

Ciudad de Mexico, registration XA-KIL, c/n 142 built in 1953. Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

Reg. XA-KIL Convair 340-51 Ciudad de Mexico of Aeronaves de México.

Ciudad de Guadalajara, registration XA-KIN, c/n 156 built in 1954.

Reg. XA-KIN Convair 340-51 Ciudad de Guadalajara of Aeronaves de México.

Douglas DC-3


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