Chyornaya Akula

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Chyornaya Akula VHS cover.

Movie (1993)
Russian title : Черная акула

Valeriy Vostrotin (major Gusarov)
Carey Schofield (Catherine Nelson, English journalist)
Yuriy Tsurilo (Karakhan, Afghan drug lord)
Vladimir Kvachkov (GRU Spetsnaz commander)
Vasili Mishchenko (CIA chief)
Dmitry Avtukhov (Ka-50 pilot)
Sergei Chekan

After war with Soviet Union, Afghanistan became leader of heroin export. Karakhan is the biggest drug producer of the region and a secret laboratory in mountains. Who will stop the deadly traffic? Russian Spetsnaz troopers, American Rangers team or one pilot of the new hi-tech combat helicopter?

Antonov An-12

Briefly seen in the background.

Chernaya-akula An-12-2.jpg

Same scene, different plane.

Chernaya-akula An-12.jpg

Mil Mi-8

Mi-8 using by both sides. This is Spetznaz training camp.

Ch Akula Mi8 1.jpg
Ch AkMi82.jpg

Mil Mi-17 Medical helicopter.

Ch AkMi8.jpg

Mil Mi-17.

Chernaya-akula Mi-8.jpg
Chernaya-akula Mi-8-4.jpg

Mi-8 or Mi-17 cockpit in the right side of the screen.

Chernaya-akula Su-27 Mi-8.jpg

Mil Mi-24P

Mi-24 using by both sides - Russian forces and Karakhan's gang.

Ch AkMi241.jpg

Russian Mi-24.

Ch AkMi242.jpg
Chernaya-akula Mi-24B-5.jpg

Mi-24 with Karakhan as pilot and CIA defector as gunner.

Ch AkMi243.jpg

Kamov Ka-50

The title aircraft is Ka-50 Chyornaya Akula (Black Shark, NATO Hokum) wasn't modified and represents itself. The machine used for filming had serial number 800-05, factory number 8798000025, built in April 1990, original registration "015 yellow". This was the fifth Ka-50 produced.

Ch AkBlackShark2.jpg
Ch AkBlackShark3.jpg
Ch AkBlackShark4.jpg
Ch AkBlackShark5.jpg

Ka-50 with different color scheme. Based on the camouflage scheme, it could be Ka-50 with original number "016 yellow". See Discussion tab for details.

Chernaya-akula Ka-50-7.jpg

Kamov Ka-29

Kamov's anti-submarine helicopter partially seen.

Ch AKKa29.jpg

Mikoyan MiG-29K

Marine version of MiG-29 is partially visible on the air show.

Ch AkMiG29K.jpg

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