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Gamilies peripeteies poster.

Movie (1959)
Greek title: Γαμήλιες περιπέτειες
English title: Marriage Adventures

Dinos Iliopoulos (Dinos Agapitos)
Xenia Kalogeropoulou (Elena Bisbiki)
Kostas Kakavas (Jim Pom)
Yorgos Damasiotis (Apostolis Bisbikis)

On her way back to Greece after two years in Paris as a student, a beautiful woman has a chance encounter with a kind co-passenger who wants to marry her. However, another handsome suitor arrives from America. Who will be the lucky one?

Douglas DC-6B

Douglas DC-6B of Olympic Airways.
Douglas DC-6B of Olympic Airways.

Douglas DC-3

Two DC-3s (or C-47s), with an Avro York on the right.


Avro 685 York

One of the five Avro Yorks operated by Persian Air Services.

Avro 685 York of Persian Air Services.

Republic F-84G Thunderjet

Royal Hellenic Air Force.


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