Livet går vidare

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Livet går vidare movie poster.

Movie (1941)
English title: Life Goes On

Edvin Adolphson (Mikael Bourg)
Aino Taube (Ebba Garland)
Sigurd Wallén (Dr. Bolivar Garland)
Hasse Ekman (Ludvig)
Anders Henrikson (Andersson)
Margit Andelius (Woman at the Library)

The Swedish officer Mikael Bourg has served with the French army in Africa. When he returns to Sweden after many years abroad to recover from malaria, he meets his son, a student who prefers partying with his frat friends instead of his bank job; a disappointment in his father's eyes. He also meets a young librarian, Ebba Garland, which makes him feel young again and distracts him from the sickness.

Douglas DC-3A-214

Registration SE-BAB, c/n 1972. Delivered to AB Aerotransport in August 1937, named Höken. Transferred to SAS-Scandinavian Airlines System, named Bele Viking. Broken-up in 1971.

Reg.SE-BAB Douglas DC-3A-214 Höken of AB Aerotransport.
Reg.SE-BAB Douglas DC-3A-214 Höken of AB Aerotransport.

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