Porțile albastre ale orașului

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Porțile albastre ale orașului movie poster.

Movie (1973)
German title : Vor den Toren der Stadt
English title : The Blue Gates of the City

Romeo Pop (Sublocotenent (Sub-lieutenant/flying officer) Octavian Roșu)
Costel Constantin (sergent Ioan Ana)
Ion Caramitru (gunner Nicolae Șerbănescu)
Dan Nuțu (gunner Alexandru Păun)

Preparation and defending Bucharest airport from German aircraft attacks after 23 August 1944 (Romanian coup d'état led by King Michael I of Romania, the first of the type among East Europa and so under peril for several weeks due to German military attacks).

Various Aircraft

The set is full of hanging model and descriptive identification form to persuade the watcher we are at the air force headquater. Unrealistic but unambiguous !
Hard to identify precisely which bomber or fighter and which manufacturer ... The very specific shape of a Messerschmitt Me 262 can be guessed among the blurred background on a travelling shot alonside Douglas DB-7, Junkers Ju -87 and others.

PortileAlbastreAleOrasului 01912r.jpg

Among the model, a biplane floatplane (white circle) and perhaps a Macchi C.200 just over the head of the colonel.

PortileAlbastreAleOrasului 01940.jpg

The floatplane could be a Blackburn Shark, a Frog model kit.

IAR 80

Between the two caracters.

Junkers Ju 87 B Stuka

Control line flying model.

PortileAlbastreAleOrasului 03233.jpg
PortileAlbastreAleOrasului 05457.jpg
PortileAlbastreAleOrasului 12108.jpg

Messerschmitt Bf 109 G

Those models are too control line ones.

PortileAlbastreAleOrasului 12055.jpg
PortileAlbastreAleOrasului 12154.jpg
PortileAlbastreAleOrasului 12240.jpg

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