Rikujō Jieitai Sōbishū

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The DVD Cover for Rikujō Jieitai Sōbishū.

Documentary Video (2014)
Japanese title: 陸上自衛隊装備集

A video cataloguing the equipment of the Japan Ground Self Defense Force at the time of its making. Filming was done at a number of JGSDF camps in and around the Tokyo area.

Mitsubishi UH-60JA

Reg. 43128 (JG-3128; c/n 4028) at Kisarazu Airfield (---/RJTK).

JGSDF EquipmentUH60JA.jpg

Fuji AH-1S Cobra

At Kisarazu Airfield (---/RJTK).
On the far right, we can see part of the tail of one of the two Mitsubishi MU-2 under the uniform.

JGSDF Equipment AH1.jpg

Kawasaki CH-47JA

Reg. 52952/JG-2952 (c/n 5051).

JGSDF Equipment CH-47.jpg

Another Chinook carrying a Type 93 HMV.

JGSDF Equipment CH-47 and HMV.jpg

Kawasaki OH-1

Reg 32637/JG-2637 (c/n 1037) at Kisarazu Airfield (---/RJTK).

JGSDF Equipment OH1.jpg

Eurocopter EC225 LP Super Puma II+

Registration 01021/JG-1021 (c/n 2645) at Kisarazu Airfield (---/RJTK).
Same helicopter in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Rotary-Wing).

JGSDF Equipment EC225LP.jpg

Fuji UH-1J

Reg. 41834/JG-1834 (c/n 1J-34).

JGSDF Equiment UH-1.jpg

Kawasaki OH-6D

Reg. 31186/JG-1186 (c/n 6492).

JGSDF Equipment OH-6D 1.jpg

Another OH-6D, with (from right to left) a Bombardier DHC-8 of the Japan Coast Guard, U-125 of JASDF's Flight Check Squadron, and a LR-2 of the JGSDF in the background.

JGSDF Equipment OH-6D 2.jpg

Beechcraft LR-2

Reg. 23057/JG-3057 (c/n FL-677). This aircraft crashed on May 15 2017 in Hokkaido while en route to conduct an air ambulance mission, killing all 4 crewmembers on board.

JGSDF Equipment LR-2.jpg

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