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Wings (1927) movie poster.

Movie (1927)
Also known as: Les ailes

Clara Bow (Mary Preston)
Charles Rogers (Jack Powell)
Richard Arlen (David Armstrong)
Jobyna Ralston (Sylvia Lewis)

Two young men, one rich, one middle class, who are in love with the same woman, become fighter pilots in World War I.

Martin NBS-1

Acting as a single heavy German bomber. The dragon individual marking is this of Gotha G.Va 723/17, a German heavy bomber (with pusher propellers) shotdown over France on 5th July 1918.

Wings27 Martin NBS-1.jpg
Wings27 Martin NBS-1-02.jpg
Wings27 Martin NBS-1-03.jpg
Wings27 Martin NBS-1-04.jpg

But too as Allied heavy bombers.

Wings27 Martin NBS-1-allied.jpg

Caquot dirigible (R type)

The First Balloon Company from Scott Field, Illinois, provided the balloons seen in the movie. They are acting as Ae 800, the german copy of the Caquot balloon.

Wings27 Caquot Balloon.jpg
Wings27 Caquot Balloons.jpg
Wings27 Caquot Balloon shot.jpg

Observer escaping the dirigible under attack.

Wings27 Caquot Balloon esc.jpg

Vought VE-7

Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Wings27 Vought VE-7.jpg
Shot reused for "in a mirror, darkly" (S04E18 & 19 of Star Trek: Enterprise) TV Series.


A modified Spad with a tank on the upper wing.

Wings27 crash.jpg

With a Thomas-Morse MB-3 at far right.

Wings27 Spad ThomasMorseMB-3A.jpg

Thomas-Morse MB-3

Please note the sqare tail with a corner painted in white in order to give a shape closer to the Spad once in flight.

Wings27 ThomasMorseMB-3A 2.jpg
Wings27 ThomasMorseMB-3A 3.jpg

Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Wings27 ThomasMorseMB-3A.jpg

Airco DH.4

Wings27 DH4.jpg

Fokker D.VII

Wings27 Fokker DVII.jpg
Wings27 Fokker DVII sd.jpg
Wings27 Fokker DVII sd2.jpg

Curtiss P-1A

Wings27 Curtiss P-1Ackb.jpg
Wings27 Curtiss P-1Afront.jpg
Wings27 Curtiss P-1Al.jpg

How a Curtiss becomes a Fokker ? Just write it on its tail !

Wings27 Curtiss P-1A.jpg
Wings27 Curtiss P-1Afly.jpg

Aviation Minded Accessories

Flight Simulator.

Wings27 FlightSim.jpg

Collision during dogfighting; seems to be models.

Wings27 collision.jpg

Flowers Plane to celebrate the Hero.

Wings27 flowers plane.jpg

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