Catch Me If You Can (2002)

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Poster for Catch Me If You Can.

Movie (2002)
French title : Arrête-moi si tu peux

Leonardo DiCaprio (Frank Abignale, Jr)
Tom Hanks (Carl Hanratty)
Christopher Walken (Frank Abignale, Sr)
Amy Adams (Branda Strong)

Based on a true story. A runaway teen turns into one of America's most wanted fraudsters, forging millions of dollars worth of checks and whilst posing as a pilot, doctor and lawyer. He continues all his scams whilst evading the FBI, and all before his 19th birthday.

Lockheed Constellation

Tail of a Constellation inside the museum gallery of the Pan Am building.

CMYC Constel.jpg

Boeing 314

Boeing 314 on an advertising for PAA-Pan American Airways System.

Boeing 707

Models in Pan Am-Pan American World Airways livery.

Boeing 707 model kit.
Lot of Boeing 707 model kit.
Boeing 707 hanging from the ceiling.
Boeing 707 poster.

Douglas DC-8

First flight of Frank Abignale.

Cockpit of a Douglas DC-8.

Last flight of Frank Abignale bring back by Carl Hanratty (after the Airbus landing -see below-).

Wing of a Douglas DC-8. Note the fake TWA livery.

Douglas DC-6

Douglas DC-6 desktop hand cast aluminum model.

Boeing 707-331B

Boeing 707-331B of TWA-Trans World Airlines.

In the background.

Boeing 707-331B of TWA-Trans World Airlines.

Boeing 707-321

Airbus A310

Seen in TWA's livery although they never operated the type. It is also an anachronism, as the scene was set in 1969, while the maiden flight of A310 occurred only in 1982.

Airbus A310 in TWA-Trans World Airlines livery.

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