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Con Air movie release poster.

Movie (1997)
French title : Les ailes de l'enfer

Nicolas Cage (Cameron Poe)
John Cusack (U.S. Marshal Vince Larkin)
John Malkovich (Cyrus 'The Virus' Grissom)
Ving Rhames (Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones)

Cameron Poe just wants a quiet flight home to see his daughter, but when the other passengers have another idea he is torn between his committment to his family, friends and morality.
Airport scenes filmed at Wendover Airport (ENV/KENV) and Ogden Airport (OGD/KOGD) in Utah.

Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion

Seen briefly in the Rangers montage.

Operation Desert Storm archive footage.

Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight

Also in the Rangers montage.

Operation Desert Storm archive footage.

Fairchild C-123K Provider

Reg. N709RR s/n 54-0709, c/n 20158.
The Jail Bird, or Con Air, is hijacked by the prisoners.

US Marshal Larkin supervises the "Jail Bird" as it is loaded up.
Landing on the Las Vegas Strip.
After crash-landing on the Strip.
Close encounter.
Larkin and Devers in front of Con Air.

Bell 206B JetRanger III

One of these helicopters is registered N5739V.


Bell AH-1 Cobra

Seen throughout the final parts of the movie chasing after The Jail Bird.

ConAH-1 2.jpg
Pair of AH-1s.

Beechcraft Model 18

Transponder decoy plane.

Uncle Bob's Scenic Tours.

Bell UH-1 Iroquois

Acompanies the Cobras during the decoy.


Cessna 150F


Rockwell Sabreliner

This aircraft with fake registration is used by Sandino to try and escape.
Possibly a 75A? Fake Reg. HK-723.


Convair T-29

This airplane (Possibly actual former US Air Force plane) is seen during the Junkyard ambush sequence.


Vickers 786D Viscount

(Missing picture).
Registration XA-MOS, c/n 334. Wearing Aerolineas Republica livery.
Same aircraft in other film at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

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