Coplan agent secret FX 18

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Coplan agent secret FX 18 movie poster.

Movie (1964)
Also known as: Uccidete agente segreto 777 - stop

Ken Clark (Francis Coplan)
Jany Clair (Patricia)
Jacques Dacqmine (le vieux)
Daniel Ceccaldi (Noreau)

Secret agent FX-18 goes undercover to break up an espionage ring.

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Nord 1101 Ramier

Military variant of the Nord 1101 Noralpha, a postwar French variant of the Messerschmitt 208. So don't be surprised that the control tower is speaking of the boggey as a Messerschmitt.

FX18-64 ramier.jpg
FX18-64 ramier2.jpg

Reg. F-BFNJ Nord (SNCAN) 1101 Ramier c/n 113. Was first F-ZJPS and from 2008, she's flying as F-GRPC on regular airshow.

FX18-64 ramier3 F-BFNJ.jpg

SNCASO SO 4050 Vautour II N

The landing SNCASO SO 4050 Vautour II N wearing code 30-OF ...

FX18-64 Vautour-30-OF.jpg

... isn't the same seen on the apron (30-OY).

FX18-64 Vautour-30-OY.jpg

Both are from Escadron de chasse 1/30 Loire

FX18-64 Vautour-6-OClock.jpg

Dassault Super-Mystère B2

Two Dassault Super-Mystère B2 of Escadron de chasse 1/10 Valois, 10e Escadre de Chasse (Squadron 1/10, 10th Wing, French Air Force) on interception of the Nord 1101 Ramier.
Action filmed on July 1964 with Dassault Super-Mystère B2 code 10-SJ (s/n unknown) and unidentified wingman.

FX18-64 SMB2-10-SJ.jpg
FX18-64 SMB2-pair.jpg

North American F-86 Sabre Dog

North American F-86 K (if of the French Air Force but the type was phased out in 1963) or F-86 D of a visiting squadron from another Air Force ?

FX18-64 F-86.jpg
FX18-64 F-86K SMB2.jpg

Sud Aviation SE 3130 Alouette II

Alouette II from the (French) Gendarmerie (Military Police) ...

FX18-64 Al2 JAG.jpg


FX18-64 Al2 JBA.jpg

Chasing the Ramier, the Alouette are at their top speed ... and the Ramier near its stall speed (note the extended landing gear).

FX18-64 trio.jpg

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