Eien no Zero

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永遠の0 (Eien no 0) movie poster.

Movie (2013)
Japanese title : 永遠の0
French title : Kamikaze, le dernier assaut
English title : The Eternal Zero

Junichi Okada (Kyuzo Miyabe)
Haruma Miura (Kentaro Saeki)
Mao Inoue (Matsuno)
Kazue Fukiishi (Keiko Saeki)

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Note: This film utilises a significant quantity of Computer Generated Images (CGI). Aircraft portrayed in this film may not be entirely accurate and have been identified as closely as possible to real aircraft.

Mitsubishi A6M2b Type 0 Model 21

Eien0 00100 A6M2.jpg
Eien0 01714.jpg
Eien0 02800.jpg

Crash of a trainee in a training unit.

Eien0 05830.jpg

Douglas C-47 Skytrain

Pearl Harbor : Ford Island seen from the sky with six Douglas C-47s which is wrong : on the 7th of December, 1941 there were two Consolidated PBY Catalinas on that tarmac.

Eien0 02020.jpg

Nakajima B5N

Pearl Harbor.

Eien0 03.jpg

Battle of Midway.

Eien0 02405.jpg

Douglas TBD Devastator

Eien0 02557 TBD.jpg

Douglas SBD Dauntless

Eien0 02657 SBD.jpg

Mitsubishi G4M

Only seen on the ground near Mitsubishi A6M Zeros alignment, somewhere in New Guinea.

Eien0 02936 NewGuinea.jpg
Eien0 03546.jpg

Aichi E13A Jake

Eien0 04005.jpg

North American P-51D Mustang

North American P-51D wearing markings of the 47th FS, 15th FG, 7th AF.

Eien0 10306.jpg

Lockheed P-38G (or H) Lightning

Yellow 147 with small sharkmouth on air intakes (intercooler), close to some aircraft of the 432nd FS, 475th FG, 5th AF in 1944.

Eien0 11250.jpg

Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress

Eien0 011253.jpg

Grumman F6F Hellcat

Eien0 12129.jpg

Mitsubishi A6M-5 Type 0 Model 52

Eien0 21400 A6M5.jpg

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