Gern hab' ich die Frauen gekillt

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Gern hab' ich die Frauen gekillt movie poster.

Movie (1966)
English titles: Killer's Carnival / Where Are You Taking That Woman

Stewart Granger (David Porter (Vienna segment))
Lex Barker (Glenn Cassidy (Rio segment))
Pierre Brice (Agent Brice (Rome segment))
Karin Dor (Denise (Rio segment))
Pascale Petit (Lotty (Vienna segment))
Margaret Lee (Agent Linda (Rome segment))

A lady killer tracked by the police, takes refuge at a psichiatrist's home, and the doctor tells him three stories, to convince him that crime does not pay. In Vienna, an investigative reporter is run down by a car when he was researching a gang that produces fake diamonds; his sister calls a friend for help, and the man almost suffers a similar fate. In Rome, an undergound agent is tortured and almost loses his life to get some documents, and free a woman agent from a spy ring, only to be told by his superior that the documents he had got were fake. In San Francisco, a private detective prevents a lady killer from dying, like five other barmaids of the Flamingo nightclub; all the girls had known the identity of the man - who was planning to kill Brazil's president during the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

Unidentified Aircraft


Convair 990A Coronado & Boeing 707-320C & Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle VI-R

In the background from left to right: tail fin of another Coronado, Caravelle, and Boeing 707.

Convair 990A Coronado and Boeing 707-320C of VARIG-Viaçao Aérea Rio Grandense and Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle VI-R of Cruzeiro do Sul.

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