Iris: The Movie

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Iris: The Movie (2010) DVD cover.

Movie (2010)

Lee Byung-hun (Kim Hyun-jun)
Kim Tae-hee (Choi Seung-hee)
Jung Joon-ho (Jin Sa-woo)
Kim So-yeon (Kim Seon-hwa)
Kim Seung-woo (Park Chun-young)

(Synopsis needed)

Mil Mi-24

Former Hungarian Mi-24 awaiting their final fate.

Iris aircraft1 1.jpg
Iris aircraft1 2.jpg

Cessna 414A Chancellor

Aircraft in the foreground only (unidentified glider in the background).

Iris aircraft2 1.jpg

Bell UH-1H Iroquois

Used in chase.

Iris aircraft3 1.jpg
Iris aircraft3 2.jpg

Piper PA-34-200 Seneca

Registration HA-YCH, C/N 34-7350290. Use by character.

Iris aircraft4 1.jpg
Iris aircraft4 2.jpg

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