Jonathan Creek

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(Series 1 DVD cover)

TV Series 1997-Present

Alan Davies (Jonathan Creek)
Caroline Quentine (Madeline Magellan)
Stuart Milligan (Adam Klaus)
Julia Sawalha (Carla Borrego)
Sheridan Smith (Joey Ross)

Jonathan Creek is a British TV series where the titular character (Creative Assistant to magician Adam Klaus) investigates crimes which are seemingly inexplicable or supernatural and explains how they were committed using his experience and knowledge from the fields of magic and illusion.

Westland WS-61 Sea King HAR 3

Ep.Unclassified Satan's Chimney
This is a search and rescue helicopter shown in the 2001 Christmas Special 'Satan's Chimney' after a body is found in a river. Based on the episode's setting in Scotland it can be surmised to be the HAR 3 in service with 202 Squadron out of RAF Kinloss.

Creek Sea King.jpg

McDonnell Douglas DC-10

Ep.4.02 Angel Hair
This Airliner is seen when Dudley Houseman (Jack Dee) flies out on a business trip.

Creek 4.02 Plane.jpg
Creek 4.02 Plane 2.jpg

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