Juntong te qian dui

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jūntǒng tè qiǎn duì movie poster.

Movie (1990)
Chinese title : 军统特遣队
English title : Special Task Team From M.I.

Li Baoding / 李保定 (?)
Zhang Zhonghua / 张中华 (?)
Weng Guojun / 翁国钧 (?)

After Japan surrendered, local forces focused on eradicating the great traitor Zhou Fuhai who is fiercely contending with various political forces on Shanghai.

Harbin H-5

Just a sight on the vertical staibilizer, in the distance.

Juntong B.jpg

Unidentified Helicopter

Juntong H.jpg

Nanchang Y-5

(top left) Shape in the background, between the two Lisunov.

Juntong I An-2.jpg

Lisunov Li-2

Acting as a Douglas DC-3 or C-47 of the National Revolutionary Army (before 1947).

Juntong A.jpg
Juntong Cbis.jpg
Juntong D.jpg

Really the same one ?

Juntong E.jpg
Juntong G.jpg
Juntong J.jpg

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