Las Vegas, 500 millones

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Las Vegas, 500 millones movie poster.

Movie (1968)
AKA: They Came to Rob Las Vegas

Gary Lockwood (Tony Ferris)
Elke Sommer (Ann Bennett)
Lee J. Cobb (Steve Skorsky)
Jack Palance (Douglas)
Jean Servais (Gino)
Georges Géret (Leroy)

A gang of crooks plan a robbery upon an armoured car carrying money between casinos.

Sud Aviation SA 313 Alouette II

LV5M Alouette.jpg
LV5M Alouette 2.jpg
LV5M Alouette 3.jpg
LV5M Alouette 4.jpg
LV5M Alouette 5.jpg

Bell 47G-4

LV5M 47G.jpg
LV5M 47G 2.jpg

Bell 47J Ranger


Grumman G-21 Goose

LV5M UN.jpg

Aero Commander 520

LV5M UN 2.jpg

Boeing 707-131 & Boeing 727-131

4 Boeing 707 and a 727 of TWA - Trans World Airlines.

Boeing 727-131 and Boeing 707-131 of TWA - Trans World Airlines.

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