Le prix du danger

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Le prix du danger movie poster.

Movie (1983)
English title : The Prize of Peril
Russian title : Цена риска
German title : Kopfjagd - Preis der Angst

Gérard Lanvin (François Jacquemard)
Marie-France Pisier (Laurence Ballard)
Michel Piccoli (Frédéric Mallaire)
Bruno Cremer (Antoine Chirex)

(Synopsis needed)

WDL Luftschiffgesellschaft WDL 1

Reg. D-LDFM WDL Luftschiffgesellschaft WDL 1 built in 1972. Destroyed in June 1989 in Texas after a world wide use (Africa (1976), Japan, USA, Europe).

LePrixDD WDL1.jpg
LePrixDD CTV-blimp.jpg
LePrixDD D-LDFM.jpg
LePrixDD WDL1-flight.jpg

Bell 206B JetRanger III

Bell 206B-3.

LePrixDD Bell-206B-3.jpg

Not the same airframe. Please note the red flashlight under the cabin and different attachment of the skid to fuselage. And the paint scheme of course.

LePrixDD Bell-206.jpg

WSK-Okęcie PZL 104 Wilga

At least three aircraft not all with the same setting.

LePrixDD PZL.jpg
LePrixDD PZL-104.jpg
LePrixDD Wilga.jpg
LePrixDD PZL-TO.jpg
LePrixDD PZL-flight.jpg

Ikarus Kurir

LePrixDD burning.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

LePrixDD firemen.jpg

Bell 212

LePrixDD Bell-212.jpg

Taking off alongside the Bell 206 from the Blok 16 (probably the roof of the Ušće Shopping Center or the Ušće Tower) with the new railway bridge and coupola of the Hala 1 Beogradskog sajma (exposition center) in the distance (Belgrade, Serbia -actually Yugoslavia-).

LePrixDD 206-212.jpg

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