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Letiště nepřijímá movie poster.

Movie (1959)
French title : L'aéroport est fermé
Letiste neprijima

Josef Bek (Jendo Hochman)
Irena Kačírková (Martha, his wife)
Vladimír Ráž (Cermák)
Otomar Korbelář (Siroký)

Conflicts in a riotous marriage of one pilot culminate just when Soviet jet aircraft are being deployed on international flights. Naive psychological drama embraces with naive admiration for the most advanced aeronautical technique.

Tupolev Tu-104A

Reg. OK-LDA Tupolev Tu-104A of ČSA Czech Airlines.

Lestite 00001.jpg
Lestite 00002.jpg

Reg. CCCP-42339 / SSSR-42339 Tupolev Tu-104A of Aeroflot.

Lestite 00008.jpg

Reg. OK-LOB.

Lestite 00011.jpg

Reg. OK-LDA Tupolev Tu-104A c/n 76600503 is really the star among all aircraft seen in this movie. First of the type used by a foreign airline, her last flight occured on September 1973. Now preserved and exposed at Prague-Kbély museum.
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Lestite 00020.jpg

Avia Av 14-32A

First seen in the background.

Lestite 00003.jpg

Reg. OK-MCH Avia Av 14-32A s/n 805118 licensed built in 1958 and eventually sold to USSR in 1975. Here wearing colors of ČSA Czech Airlines.

Lestite 00014.jpg
Lestite 00027.jpg

In the background (far left) an Ilyushin Il-12 among several Avia Av 14, all from the Czech airline.

Lestite 00041.jpg

Convair 340 or 440

Lestite 00004.jpg

Let L-200 Morava

Five pre-series airframes were delivered to ČSA Czech Airlines for expreimental use, mainly for air taxy flight from Letiště Václava Havla Praha/Václav Havel Airport Prague (PRG / LKPR).

Lestite 00006.jpg
Lestite 00010.jpg

Reg. OK-MEE pre-series Let L-200 Morava s/n 00-001.

Lestite 00015.jpg

Reg. OK-MEB pre-series Let L-200 Morava s/n 00-002.

Lestite 00044.jpg
Lestite 00045.jpg

Douglas DC-3

One the forty Douglas DC-3 used by ČSA Czech Airlines.

Lestite 00009.jpg

Vickers 701 Viscount

Vickers Viscount 701 of BEA-British European Airways first seen from the Tupolev Tu-104A cockpit.

Lestite 00013.jpg
Lestite 00038.jpg

Aero L-60B Brigadýr

Lestite 00025.jpg

Tupolev Tu-114

An Aeroflot Tupolev Tu-114.

Lestite 00034.jpg

Douglas DC-6B Super Cloudmaster

Douglas DC-6B Super Cloudmaster of Ethiopian Airlines.

Lestite 00035.jpg

Sud Aviation SE 210 Caravelle

An anonymous Caravelle of SAS-Scandinavian Airlines. Note the Viscount on the left.

Lestite 00036.jpg

Lockheed L-1049E Super Constellation

Lockheed L-1049E Super Constellation of Air India.

Lestite 00037.jpg

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