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Poster of Patton.

Movie (1970)

George C. Scott (General George S. Patton Jr.)
Karl Malden (General Omar N. Bradley)
Karl Michael Vogler (Field Marshal Erwin Rommel)

From the landing in North Africa to the end of the second World War, the life's highlights of one of the most controversial american general.

CASA 2.111

At least, three CASA 2.111 simulated Heinkel He 111 with excessively wide svatiska.


North American T-6 Texan

Patton T-6 CIMG4224.jpg

Hispano HA-1112-M

Please, read the discussion folder about Buchon used during the movie's actions.

The single action with aircrafts at winter.

Cessna L-19

Anachronism as the Cessna L-19 first flight occured several years after Victory Day.

Patton L-19 CIMG4227.jpg
Patton L-19 CIMG4228.jpg

Douglas C-47

Patton C-47 CIMG4225.jpg

North American B-25 Mitchell

Archive footage seen during the credits.

Patton B-25 CIMG4231.jpg

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