Pokhishcheniye "Savoyi"

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Pokhishcheniye "Savoyi" (Похищение "Савойи") DVD cover.

TV Movie (1979)
Russian title : Похищение "Савойи"

Wlodzimierz Golachinsky (Janek Borovsky)
Darya Mikhailova (Tanya Sokolova)
Leonid armor (Jean Schall)
Anthony Juras (Stanislav Vezhansky)

A soviet screen adaptation of the novel (by the polish author Andrzej Scheperskogo) "Flight 627" about air hijacking.

Let L-200 D Morava

Wear the brazilian registration PT-EAE (a false one ? Look below).

PS L-200.jpg
PS L-200 landing.jpg
PS L-200 PT-EAE.jpg
PS L-200 taxiing.jpg

Boeing 747-121

Boeing 747-121 (serial 19656/34), reg. N752PA, baptised Clipper Fortune, Pan American Flight 93. The plane was blown up at Cairo seconds after it had landed and been evacuated on 12 September 1970 following the quadruple hijacking of the 6th September.

Reg. N752PA Boeing 747-121 Clipper Fortune of Pan Am-Pan American World Airways.

BAC 111-527FK One-Eleven

BAC One-Eleven 527FK, reg. RP-C1161, Philippine Air Lines, c/n 213. Hijacked and forced to land at Zamboanga on 21 May 1976. Burn following assault by security forces on 23 May.

Reg. RP-C1161 BAC 111-527FK One-Eleven of Philippine Air Lines.

Boeing 727

Circumstances unidentified.

PS B727.jpg

Douglas DC-8-53

Douglas DC-8-53 built in 1963, registration HB-IDD, Swissair Flight 100 was hijacked, and blown up at Dawson's Field Zerqu-Jordan, on 12 September 1970.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft.

Reg. HB-IDD Douglas DC-8-53 Nidwalden of Swissair.

Boeing 707

Or maybe a Boeing 720 of what seems the Pan Am or Varig airline. Landing in South America (according the caption).

PS quadri.jpg
PS B707-PanAm.jpg

Hughes 269

Or maybe a Hughes H-300. Only the shadow is visible at the base the Christ the Redeemer statue (Rio de Janeiro).
For the best of you, could you guess in which airliner this shot is taken (note the clipper in the right bottom) ?

PS H-300.jpg

Let L-410 Turbolet

Registration PT-NBK. Probably false.

PS L-410.jpg
PS L-410 PT-NBK.jpg
PS L-410 landing.jpg

WSK PZL-Świdnik Mi-2

Yes! You read correctly! Registration is PT-EAE like the LET L-200!

PS Mi-2c.jpg
PS Mi-2.jpg
PS Mi-2 PT-EAE.jpg

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