Prime Risk

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Prime Risk poster.

Movie (1985)

Lee Montgomery (Michael Fox)
Toni Hudson (Julie Collins)
Sam Bottoms (Bill Yeoman)
Clu Gulager (Paul Minsky)

A female engineer, with the assistance of her pilot-wannabe male friend, discovers a way to rip off ATM machines, but in doing so stumbles upon a plot to destroy the U.S. monetary system.

Cessna 152

Registration N4429C, c/n 84772 built in 1981.

Primerisk1985mkv 001444099.jpg

Cessna 210

Primerisk1985mkv 003804916.jpg

Cessna T303 Crusader

Primerisk1985mkv 003619149.jpg

Unidentified Cessna High-Wing

Primerisk1985mkv 003903887.jpg
Primerisk1985mkv 005696322.jpg

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