Razreshite vzlyot!

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Razreshite vzlyot! movie poster.

Movie (1971)
Russian title : Разрешите взлёт!
English title : Allow Take-Off! (?)

Anatoliy Papanov (Sergei Nikolaevich Sakhno)
Semyon Morozov (Dimka Solomentsev, a young pilot)
Artyom Inozemtsev (Vasily Grigorievich Seleznyov)
Valentin Gaft (Azancheev)

A new pilot, Dimka Solomentsev is sent to a new Aeroflot position at a steppe airfield He constantly finds himself in various unpleasant stories. But the old pilot Sakhno takes the young pilot under his patronage.

Antonov An-2P

Opening action with Antonov An-2P registration CCCP-35516 / SSSR-35516. Built in March 1973.

RAZ 00030 CCCP-35516.JPG

A better view :

RAZ 02200 CCCP-35516.JPG

Gasp !

RAZ 11248.jpg

Yakovlev Yak-12

Anonymmous Yakovlev Yak-12 among the credits (continuity error).

RAZ 00112.jpg

Reg. CCCP-6262(6?) / SSSR-6262?

RAZ 00852 CCCP-62626.jpg

Antonov An-2M

RAZ 00139 An-2M.JPG

Antonov An-2TP

Reg. CCCP-35027 / SSSR-35027 Antonov An-2TP built in November 1969. Unknown fate after 1990.

RAZ 01752 CCCP-35027.jpg

Reg. CCCP-40547 / SSSR-40547 Antonov An-2TP built in June 1967 ; fate unknown after 1988.

RAZ 04455 CCCP-40547.JPG

Antonov An-2

Reg. CCCP-85927 / SSSR-85927

RAZ 02117 CCCP-85927.jpg

Ilyushin Il-14FK

Reg. CCCP-91612 / SSSR-91612 Ilyushin Il-14FK built in May 1958 s/n 148001945. Unknown fate after 1988.

RAZ 11758 CCCP-91612.jpg
RAZ 11920 CCCP-91612.jpg

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