The Deathhead Virgin

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The Deathhead Virgin movie poster.

Movie (1974)
Belgium (Flemish title) title : Terreur in de diepzee

Larry Ward (Frank Cutter)
Jock Gaynor (Larry Alden)
Diane McBain (Janice Cutter)

(Synopsis needed)

Boeing 727-109 & Douglas DC-8

Reg. B-18nn Boeing 727-109 of China Airlines in front of a landing Douglas DC-8 from Thai Airways International, probably the one listed below.

TheDeathheadVirgin 01.jpg
TheDeathheadVirgin 02.jpg

Convair 880M

Convair 880M of Cathay Pacific Airways.

TheDeathheadVirgin 03.jpg

Douglas DC-8-32

Douglas DC-8-32 of Thai Airways International.

TheDeathheadVirgin 04-TGP.jpg

Cessna 177 Cardinal

TheDeathheadVirgin 05.jpg
TheDeathheadVirgin 05a.jpg

Hawker Siddeley HS.748

Reg. PI-C1019 Hawker Siddeley HS.748 of Philippine Airlines with a Philippine Airlines BAC 111-518FG One-Eleven in the background.

TheDeathheadVirgin 06.jpg
TheDeathheadVirgin 07T.jpg

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