The Forgotten Man

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The Forgotten Man title card.

TV Movie (1971)

Dennis Weaver (Lt. Joe Hardy)
Lois Nettleton (Anne Wilson)
Anne Francis (Marie Hardy Forrest)
Andrew Duggan (William Forrest)

A Marine officer reported as killed in Vietnam but was actually a POW returns home. Instead of being welcomed home, however, he discovers that his father has died, his wife has remarried, his daughter has been adopted, his business has been sold and his life has completely changed.

Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea King

TFM CH-46 1.png
TFM CH-46 2.png
TFM CH-46 3.png

Douglas DC-8

TFM Airliner 1.png
TFM Airliner 2.png
TFM Airliner 3.png
TFM Airliner 4.png

Bell 204

TFM Helo Crash.png

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