The Lost Battalion

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The Lost Battalion DVD cover.

TV Movie (2001)
French title : Le bataillon perdu

Rick Schroder (Major Charles W. Whittlesey)
Phil McKee (Captain George G. McMurtry)
Jamie Harris (Sgt. Gaedeke)
Jay Rodan (Lt. James V. Leak)

October 1918 : a US Army battalion is surrounded during six days inside the Argonny Forest.

Stampe SV4 (modified) acting as R.A.F. SE5a

(need evidence) Probably the replica of SE.5a usually registered under F-AZCN.
If right, same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).
No Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a wore the French roundel ! (and the type wasn't used by the USA before November 1918).

TheLostBattalion Deb1.jpg
TheLostBattalion Deb2.jpg
TheLostBattalion engine.jpg
TheLostBattalion Bip1.jpg
TheLostBattalion Bip2.jpg
Wearing a black 7 on the tail.

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