Uncommon Valor

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Uncommon Valor movie poster.

Movie (1983)

Gene Hackman (Col. Jason Rhodes)
Robert Stack (Harry MacGregor)
Fred Ward (Wilkes)
Reb Brown (Blaster)
Randall "Tex" Cobb (Sailor)
Patrick Swayze (Kevin Scott)

Jason Rhodes' son Frank has been missing in action in Vietnam for ten years. After getting evidence that he may be a P.O.W. in a camp in Laos, Rhodes assembles a rescue team consisting of Frank's surviving war buddies for a daring raid into Laotion territory to liberate the camp and, hopefully, find Frank.

Bell UH-1N Twin Huey

Seen evacuating US troops in Vietnam in 1972.

Uncommon valor1.jpg
Uncommon valor2.jpg

Later, two captured Hueys are re-appropriated by Rhodes' team from a Laotian air force outpost and used in the raid against the P.O.W. camp. Rhodes flies one. Johnson flies the other. Rhodes' is hit and crashlands, while Johnson's is used to evacuate the surviving soldiers.

Uncommon valor21.jpg
Uncommon valor23.jpg
Uncommon valor24.jpg

McDonnell Douglas C-9A Nightingale


Bell 47G

Cropduster owned by Charts. He's seen using it to dust a field when Rhodes comes to recruit him.

Uncommon valor4.jpg
Uncommon valor5.jpg

Cessna 172P Skyhawk

Seen at Charts' airfield.

Uncommon valor6.jpg

Hawker Siddeley HS.125-400

Rhodes and his team fly to Texas aboard this jet. Registration N5594U is one of a dozen registrations worn by this aircraft (for this one, between March 1981 and August 1983).
Same aircraft in other works at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Civil Fixed-Wing).

Uncommon valor9.jpg
Uncommon valor10.jpg
Uncommon valor15.jpg

Cessna 414


Cessna 425 Conquest I

Seen at the airport.

Uncommon valor11.jpg
Uncommon valor12.jpg
Uncommon valor14.jpg

Bell 206B JetRanger III

Three are used by the team while they're training in a replica of the P.O.W. camp in Texas.

Uncommon valor17.jpg
Flight led by Bell 206B Reg. N230CA, Serial 2779. Same aircraft registered N230CA in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Rotary-Wing).
Reg. N230CA, Serial 2779. Same aircraft registered N230CA in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Rotary-Wing)
Reg. N250CA, Serial 2615. Same aircraft registered N250CA in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Rotary-Wing)

Later, a JetRanger equipped with machine guns is seen used by the Laotions. It gets stolen by Charts and used during the raid on the P.O.W. along with the two Hueys, but is shot down and crashes.

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