War Party

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War Party poster.

Movie (1988)

Billy Wirth (Sonny Crowkiller)
Kevin Dillon (Skitty Harris)
Tim Sampson (Warren Cutfoot)
Jimmie Ray Weeks (Jay Stivic)

A group of re-enactors attempt to stage a hundred year anniversary battle between US Cavalry and Blackfeet Indians. Unfortunately racial hostilities and a real gun lead to some all too real casualties, and three young Blackfeet men are caught in the middle. The film follows their flight for freedom in the face of an angry community which has mistakenly blamed them for the violence.

Bell 206 JetRanger

Warparty1988hdtvripavi 004911826.jpg

Cessna 175

Warparty1988hdtvripavi 002065012.jpg
Warparty1988hdtvripavi 002224488.jpg
Warparty1988hdtvripavi 002227575.jpg
Warparty1988hdtvripavi 002230811.jpg

Piper PA-34 Seneca

Warparty1988hdtvripavi 002021002.jpg

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