Zhōngguó tuīxiāo yuán

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Zhōngguó tuīxiāo yuán movie poster.

Movie (2017)
Chinese title : 中国推销员
Russian title : Китайский продавец
English title : China Salesman

Li Dongxue (Yan Jian)
Mike Tyson (Kabbah)
Janicke Askevold (Susanna)
Li Ai (Ruan Ling)

(Synopsis needed)

Eurocopter EC135

Eurocopter EC135 acting as an EC635 (the military variant) manned by UN Forces. Not seen through these screenshot but the cockpit and cabin are really from a civilian airframe (see the lack of cable cutter). Missile carriers are just a set (different layout on the EC635).

ZhongGuo EC135.jpg
ZhongGuo helo.jpg

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