Zuijia paidang zhi nuhuang miling

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Title screen for Zuijia paidang zhi nuhuang miling.

Movie (1984)
Chinese title :最佳拍檔女皇密令
French title :Mad Mission 3: Our Man from Bond Street
English title :Aces Go Places 3

Samuel Hui (Sam Hong Kong)
Karl Maka (Albert Au)
Sylvia Chang (Supt. Nancy Ho)
Peter Graves (Tom Collins)
Richard Kiel (Big G)

A master thief is told by James Bond and the Queen of England to steal a gem. However, once he hands it over he finds that he has been conned by two people impersonating the Queen and Bond. He must then aid the police to get the gem back.

Aérospatiale SA 313 Alouette II

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