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Letící delfín title screen.

TV Series (1989)

Edward Tomas (Jan Velinský)
Ladislav Chudík (Karel Solan)
Karel Greif (Ing. Jiří Hradil)
Vladimír Huber (Professor Dejmek)
Ivana Vávrová (Hálkova)

(Synopsis needed)

Various Flying Models

Ep. 01
Reg. OK-010-195 Soaring Model (usually Czech Gliders & balloons are registered with this pattern: OK-0000 to OK-9999).

LCcz1 01.jpg
LDcz1 03-Glider.jpg

Aircraft flying model.

LDcz1 02-FlyingM.jpg

(background) the same one handled by three kids.

LDcz1 04-Glider.jpg

Zlín Z-226 SL

Ep. 01
Reg. OK-MQI Zlín Z-226 SL s/n 280.

LDcz1 05 OK-MQI.jpg
LDcz1 06 OK-MQI.jpg

Ep. 02

LDcz2 07 Zlin-226.jpg

Letov Š-20

Ep. 01

LDcz1 07 Letov-S20.jpg

A S-20 plane of the Olomouc Fighter Regiment.

Picture seen again in episode two.

Letov Š-8

Ep. 01
A desk model; the real one can be seen in episode 101 of Brána do historie.

LDcz1 09 kit.jpg

Aero CS-102

Ep. 01
Unidentified Aero CS-102 serial 0143 (fictitious ?).

LDcz1 10 CS-102 0143.jpg

Ep. 02
Unidentified Aero CS-102 with fictitious (?) serial J121 (or 0121 ?).

LDcz2 15 CS-102 J121.jpg

Ep. 03
Now clearly with serial 0121 when taking off during episode three.

LDcz3 02 0121.jpg

Aero S-103

Ep. 01
Fuselage fitted with temporary wheels.

LDcz1 13 MiG-PL.jpg

Ep. 02

LDcz2 04 Mig-15.jpg

Serial 3841 Aero S-103.

LDcz2 13 3841.jpg
LDcz2 14 3841.jpg

Ep. 03
Wearing serial 3950 but unidentified.

LDcz3 01 3950.jpg

Aero L-39 Albatros

Ep. 01
(foreground) Aero L-39 Albatros just in primer.

LDcz1 12 L-39.jpg

Ep. 07

LDcz7 24 L39dr.jpg

Various Mig

Ep. 01
Line up of various sub-types :

LDcz1 15 MiG-BLine.jpg

Several single-seat around Aero CS-102 serial 2611 c/n 142611 built in 1954.

LDcz1 17 CS-102 2611.jpg

Ep. 04

LDcz4 03 MiGs.jpg

Aero C-3

Ep. 01

LDcz1 16 Aero C-3.jpg

GAGI DAG-2 Balloon & Model Kit

Ep. 02

  • GAGI DAG-2 Balloon on the picture.

(left to right) :

LDcz2 01 memories.jpg

Aero MB.200

Ep. 02

LDcz2 02 Aero-MB200.jpg

Aero HC-2 Heli Baby

Ep. 02

LDcz2 08 Aero-HC-2.jpg
LDcz2 09 Aero-HC-2.jpg

Aero L-29 Delfin

Ep. 02
First, a wind tunnel scale down model.

LDcz2 12 Wind-tunnel.jpg
LDcz2 24 WTunnel.jpg

Ep. 03
Tail of serial 1413.

LDcz3 07 L-29 1413.jpg

Ep. 04
Assembly and test of what would act as the prototype XL-29.

LDcz4 01.jpg
LDcz4 02 L-29.jpg
LDcz4 05 L-29.jpg
LDcz4 09 L-29.jpg


Ep. 04
Prototype was powered by a British Bristol Siddeley Viper turbojet engine but the Czech-designed M701 engine feated all the subsequent aircraft. None of them are seem during filming of testing.

LDcz4 12 engine.jpg
LDcz4 13 engine.jpg

Ep. 06

LDcz6 01.jpg
LDcz6 02 M701.jpg

And eventually, the maiden flight (5 April 1959) !

LDcz4 18 L-29.jpg
LDcz6 06 L-29.jpg

Avia B-135

Ep. 02

LDcz2 18 Avia-B135.jpg

Unidentified Aircraft

Ep. 02

LDcz2 19.jpg

Avia B-534

Ep. 02

LDcz2 21 B-534.jpg

Unidentified Zlin Aircraft

Ep. 02

LDcz2 23 Zlin.jpg

The Best Years of Our Lives

Ep. 02
Jan brings Milena to the theater to watch this 1946 American movie.

LDcz2 25.jpg

Bell P-39 Airacobra

LDcz2 26.jpg

Boeing YB-40 Flying Fortress

LDcz2 27.jpg

Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress

LDcz2 28.jpg

Zlín Z-526F

Ep. 03
Reg. OK-ZSA Zlin Z-526F c/n 1096 damaged beyond repair and later written off on 24 May 1997.

LDcz3 04 Zlin.jpg
LDcz3 00006.jpg
LDcz3 08 OK-ZSA.jpg

Various Model kit

Ep. 04
1) Savoia Marchetti SM.79 of the Ваздухопловство војске Краљевине Југославије / Zrakoplovstvo vojske Kraljevine Jugoslavije (Royal Yugoslav Army Air Force);
2) Albatros D.V (Von Richthofen);
3) Albatros D.III or D.V;
4) Morane-Saulnier MS.225 (already seen in Ep. 02);
5) SPAD S.XIII c/n 504 Capitaine Georges Guynemer of Spa3 (France);
6) Fokker Dr.I (cf Ep. 02);
7) de Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth of Hellenic Royal Air Force.

LDcz4 06 kit.jpg

Upside down of what seems to be an Aro MB.200.

LDcz4 07 kit.jpg
LDcz4 08 kit.jpg

Ejection Seat

Ep. 04
Unidentified training cockpit (not derivated from a real type used by Air Force ?)

LDcz4 10 eject.jpg

Avia B-228

Ep. 04
Background left.

LDcz4 16 Il-28.jpg

Avia 14

Ep. 04

LDcz4 17 Il-14.jpg

Ilyushin Il-14T c/n 813108 serial 3108.

LDcz7 21 Il-14.jpg
LDcz7 22 Il-14-3108.jpg

Aero C-104 S

Ep. 05
Reg. OK-RXE Aero C-104 S built in 1986 (c/n 237). Actually at Kbely museum (Praga).

LDcz5 00003.jpg
LDcz5 04 OK-RXE.jpg

Ep. 07

LDcz6 07 C-104S.jpg

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21PF

Ep. 06
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21PF serial 0304 manufactured in 1964. Crashed on 26 October 1971 during a control flight.

LDcz6 08 mig-21F 0304.jpg

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21UM

Ep. 06

LDcz6 09 mig-21UM.jpg

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13

Ep. 07
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13 built by Aero Vodochody (c/n 161112) in 1972. Decommissioned on 22 March 1991.

LDcz7 01 MiGé&-1112.jpg

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21F-13 built by Aero Vodochody (c/n 061013) in 1970. End of service life in 1989.

LDcz7 25 1013.jpg

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21PF

Ep. 07
Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21PF serial 0308 built in June 1964 and decommissioned on 29 May 1989.

LDcz7 26 MiG21-0308.jpg

Avia B-33

Ep. 07
Rear fuselage of an Avia B-33 serialed 5271.

LDcz7 1645 5271.jpg

Sukhoi Su-7B

Ep. 07

LDcz7 03 Su-7.jpg
LDcz7 19 Su-7.jpg

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