Nihon Chinbotsu: Kibo no Hito

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For other works sharing this title, see Nihon chinbotsu (Japan Sinks)

Nihon Chinbotsu: Kibo no Hito title card.

TV Series (2021)
Japanese title: 日本沈没ー希望のひとー
English title: Japan Sinks: People of Hope

Shun Oguri (Keishi Amami)
Kenichi Matsuyama (Koichi Tokiwa)
Teruyuki Kagawa (Yusuke Tadokoro)
Anne Watanabe (Minori Shiina)

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Mitsubishi UH-60J

Episode 5 : 国土喪失と復活のとき (A Time of Loss and Revival)
Mitsubishi UH-60J of the Japan Self Defense Force.

NihonChimbotsu2021 60.jpg

Unidentified Drone

Episode 9 : さよなら日本 (Good-bye Japan)
Used in an attempt to blow up the hotel room PM Higashiyama was at by a terrorist.

NihonChimbotsu2021 Drone.jpg

Boeing 787

Episode 9 : さよなら日本 (Good-bye Japan)
Boeing 787 of All Nippon Airways taking off.

NihonChimbotsu2021 787.jpg

Multiple ANA Passenger jets

Episode 9 : さよなら日本 (Good-bye Japan)
Two Boeing 787s facing away from the terminal, most likely an Airbus A321neo facing to the right.

NihonChimbotsu2021 ANA.jpg

Kawasaki C-1

Episode 9 : さよなら日本 (Good-bye Japan)
A squadron seen flying over the underwater cities ...
Later Kawasaki C-1 sightings at the airbase :

NihonChimbotsu2021 C-1.jpg
First of the row os 002 later seen close up.

Reg. 28-1002 (c/n 8002) of the Japan Air Self Defense Force. In the episode, the aircraft takes off of Iruma Airbase (RJTJ) as it was collapsing in a similar manner to the Cessna in 2012.
Same aircraft in other movies at IMPDb: Frequently Seen Aircraft (Military Fixed-Wing).

NihonChimbotsu2021 cargo.jpg
NihonChimbotsu2021 28-1002-1.jpg
NihonChimbotsu2021 28-1002-2.jpg
NihonChimbotsu2021 28-1002-3.jpg

Another C-1, Reg. 28-1031 (c/n 8031) of the JASDF, also makes an appearance in the same episode.

NihonChimbotsu2021 28-1031.jpg

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