Vzdušné torpédo 48

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Vzdušné torpédo 48 movie poster.

Movie (1936)
International title : Air Torpedo 48

Otomar Korbelář (Colonel Svarc, chief of counterespionage)
Antonín Novotný (Lieutenant Petr Nor, inventor of air torpedo)
Andrej Bagar (Arnost Gettering, director of the refinery alias chief intelligence service)
Míla Reymonová (Violinist Irena Vengerová)
Zita Kabátová (Helena)

(Synopsis needed)

Avia B-534

Avia B-534 serials seen : 7L and 10L and 14L and 16L of 32. stih.letka, 1. Letecky pluk.
Dogfight with 34S (despite Lieutenant Nor is landing and jumping out of 7L !).

Vzdusne 00001.jpg
Vzdusne 00035.jpg
Vzdusne 00043.jpg
Vzdusne 00045.jpg


What seems to be a Douglas DC-2 on an advertising. At that time, KLM and CLS (Ceskoslovenska Latecka Spolecnost) both operated the Douglas Commercial but the word AIRWAYS (or ALWAYS ?) seems written on the wallpaper.

Vzdusne 00003.jpg

Another adverstising at the Grand Hotel.

Vzdusne 00012.jpg

Three pictures of probably Junkers airliners, the bottom one with a shoulder wing.

Vzdusne 00004.jpg

Aero A.100

Aero A.100 probably from 6.LP, 71.letka.

Vzdusne 00036.jpg
Vzdusne 00005.jpg

Letov Š-39

Reg. OK-ELE Letov Š-39 c/n 10 from Aeroklub RCS/Prague.

Vzdusne 00014.jpg

Beneš-Mráz Be-56

Reg. OK-BEG Beneš-Mráz Be-56 c/n 1 (later reg. OK-MAB).

Vzdusne 00018.jpg
Vzdusne 00041.jpg
Vzdusne 00044.jpg
Vzdusne 00046.jpg

Letov Š-28

The Letov Š-28 is a Czechoslovak two-seat reconnaissance aircraft.

Vzdusne 00039.jpg
Vzdusne 00040.jpg

Aero MB.200

Vzdusne 00048.jpg

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