Benoît Brisefer : les taxis rouges

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Benoît Brisefer : les taxis rouges movie poster.

Movie (2014)

Léopold Huet (Benoît Brisefer)
Jean Reno (Hector Poilonez)
Gérard Jugnot (Jules Dussiflard)
Évelyne Buyle (Madame Adolphine)

Cessna 195

Usually, a Cessna 195 fitted with floats has additional vertical stabilisators ...

BenoitB Cessna-195.jpg

Aérospatiale SA 313B Alouette II

Reg. F-GDHO Alouette II c/n 1891 built in 1963 and now (February 2016) on sale for 110,000 €. Was registered D-HOBY during a former life.

BenoitB AlouetteII 1891.jpg
BenoitB Al2-F-GDHO.jpg

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