Dawn of the Dead

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Dawn of the Dead theatrical movie poster.

Movie (1978)

David Emge (Stephen Andrews)
Ken Foree (Peter Washington)
Scott H. Reiniger (Roger DeMarco)
Gaylen Ross (Francine Parker)
David Crawford (Dr. James Foster)
David Early (Sidney Berman)

An uprising by the living dead, carrying on from the events of the previous film, overwhelms the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Four survivors - SWAT officers Roger and Peter, WGON traffic reporter Stephen and Stephen's girlfriend Francine - take refuge in a mall and struggle to survive besieged both by the zombies and by a vicious motorcycle gang.

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Bell 206B JetRanger II

WGON traffic helicopter. Used by the survivors to escape Philadelphia. Registration N90090, Serial 1583.

Registration N90090.
Registration N90090.
Registration N90090.

Cessna 172K Skyhawk

Various planes are seen at the airfield where the group lands to refuel the JetRanger before reaching the mall. Registration N7506G, Serial 17259206.

Registration N7506G.

Stinson 108-3

Another plane seen at the airfield. Registration N6881M, Serial 4881.A 108-3 by its taller fin and straight rudder.

Registration N6881M Stinson 108-3.

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