Dubay lyuboy tsenoy

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Dubay lyuboy tsenoy movie poster.

Movie (2023)
Russian title : Дубай любой ценой

Asel Sadvakasova (Anel)
Nurgul Myngatova (her female friend)
Dasten Shakirov (Arman)
Ramazan Amantai ()

Working for an important travel agency, Anel could be in charge of the Dubay branch ... if she was married. How to find the right husband ?

Airbus A321-232

Reg. P4-KDB (now EI-KDB) Airbus A321-232 c/n 5404 of Air Astana. Built in 2012. On 12/09/2021, Air Astana left the Aruba (P4-) registration to Ireland (EI-). So this is an archive footage.

DubayLyuboyTsenoy 01353.jpg

Boeing 757-200

(background) Sunday Airlines operates four Boeing 757-200s. Seen here in the current livery worn since 2020.

DubayLyuboyTsenoy 01347.jpg
DubayLyuboyTsenoy 01348.jpg

Airbus A321-271NX

Reg. (P4- or EI- ?) KGC Airbus A321-271NX (Airbus A321 Neo) c/n 9080 made her maiden flight in July 2020.
Built for Air Astana which registered her as P4-KGC then moved to EI-KGC on 20 May 2022.

DubayLyuboyTsenoy 12551 EI-KGC-A321-271NX.jpg

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