Les avions du bout du monde

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Last updated on July 2022.

Les avions du bout du monde title screen.

TV Series (2017-2022 (ongoing))
English title : On the Wing

The Pilots (Themselves)

Each episode focuses on a pilot working in remote areas and so being the red thread to discover some aspects of life in these isolated areas.

Other Seasons

List of (unseen) episodes on the Discussion tab.

Season One (2017)

Episode Bolivie, le pilote de l'espoir (Bolivia, the pilot of hope)

Cessna U206G

Reg. CP-2511 Cessna U206G (c/n U2060434) the workhorse of Mano a Mano Aviation (a humanitarian medical non-governmental organisation) based at Cochabamba, Cercado Province, Bolivia.

Seen overflying the Salar de Uyuni.
AvionsBoutMonde-S1E1 0608 CP-2511.jpg
An unidentified trijet in the far background.
AvionsBoutMonde-S1E1 1304.jpg

British Aerospace BAe 146

British Aerospace BAe 146 (probably of EcoJet) landing runway 23 at Jorge Wilstermann International Airport (IATA : CBB / OACI : SLCB), Cochabamba, Bolivia.
On the left, we guess a Boeing 737 Original (first generation) and a Douglas DC-3 (?) in front of the green roof.

AvionsBoutMonde-S1E1 0929.jpg

Cessna TU206G Stationair

Reg. CP-2207 Cessna turbo U206G Stationair built in 1981 (c/n U20606244).

AvionsBoutMonde-S1E1 0931.jpg
AvionsBoutMonde-S1E1 2826.jpg

Piper PA-31P Mojave

Reg. CP-2709 Piper PA-31-350 Navajo Chieftain c/n 31-7852032 built in 1978.

AvionsBoutMonde-S1E1 0937.jpg
AvionsBoutMonde-S1E1 1207.jpg
AvionsBoutMonde-S1E1 5146.jpg
AvionsBoutMonde-S1E1 5148.jpg

Boeing 737 Classic

Boliviana de Aviación (BoA) uses mainly the Boeing 737 Classic ...

Two tails seen near the Control Tower of Jorge Wilstermann International Airport (IATA : CBB / OACI : SLCB), Cochabamba, Bolivia.
... and now the fuselage without tail!

Beechcraft Baron & Aero Commander (500 family)

(left to right) Beechcraft Baron - Piper PA-31P Mojave - Aero Commander (500 family) - the Cessna 206 of Mano a Mano Aviation

AvionsBoutMonde-S1E1 2748.jpg

Season Three (2020)

Episode Polynésie, le pilote des atolls (Polynesia, the pilot of the atolls)

ATR 42

The former livery of Air Tahiti seen for several years in parallel with the one with red tails.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 0139.jpg

Raytheon B200C Super King Air

Beechcraft B200 Super King Air of Air Archipels a local airline dedicated mainly for MEDEVAC flights and operating inter-island flights in Tuamotu on behalf of Air Tahiti.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 0229.jpg

Reg. F-OIQK undoubtedly one of the three Raytheon (Beechcraft) B200C Super King Air of Air Archipels. Built in 2004 with c/n BL-149.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 2022 F-OIOK.jpg

ATR 72-600 (72-212A)

Reg. F-ORVS delivered on 19 November 2014 to Air Tahiti and christened Heireva, c/n 1192 (first flight on 10th of November).
On the 4th of April 2022, slighty damaged by a hard landing at Hiva Oa Atuana airport, Archipel Des Marquises, French Polynesia.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 0250 F-ORVS.jpg

Reg. F-ORVR delivered on 18 October 2017 to Air Tahiti and christened Tapuata, c/n 1485 (maiden flight on 27/09/2017).

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 0254 F-ORVR.jpg

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

(background left) The blue tail with a tiaré flower (Tahitian gardenia) is one of the four Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, the new workforce of Air Tahiti Nui.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 0312 787.jpg

ATR 72-600 (72-212A)

Reg. F-ORVN second ATR 72-600 (marketing name for ATR 72-212A variant) delivered to Air Tahiti. Aircraft name is Rereara'i (Tahitian meaning in French : Envol céleste/Parcours céleste ; in English : Celestial flight/Celestial journey) since November 2015 when delivered to the airline (maiden flight :28/05/2015; c/n 1255).

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 0348 F-ORVN.jpg

Reg. F-ORVO delivered on 03 December 2015 to Air Tahiti, three weeks after her first flight. Christened Rereatau (Envol durable/Parcours du temps or Sustainable Flight/Time Course), c/n 1289.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 0415 F-ORVO.jpg

Reg. F-ORVV named Ra'ireva (c/n 1376). At Air Tahiti since mid-december 2016 (one month after her roll-out).

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 0909 F-ORVV.jpg

Fairchild F-27

Reg. F-OCYA Fairchild F-27 c/n 98 former N756L for Hughes Airwest. Was used by Air Polynésie between 1970 and 1974. Later used by her final owner Air Cortez International as N2708B and dismantled in 1990 on Ontario - International airport (ONT / KONT) where she was still visible derelic in 2015.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 1606 F-OCYA.jpg
AvionsBoutMonde-S3 1626.jpg

Beechcraft D50 Twin Bonanza

Reg. F-ODBU Beechcraft D50 Twin Bonanza private aircraft of Jacques Brel, christened Jojo in memory of Gérard Pasquier died in 1974 (Gérard was the best friend of Jacques, working as his driver before becoming his secretary).

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 2312 JOJO.jpg
AvionsBoutMonde-S3 2312 F-ODBU.jpg

With Jacques Brel at the controls (two years before he died from a cancer).

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 2452 F-ODBU.jpg

The Twin Bonanza in her original colors after several years of outdoor exhibition.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 2520 F-ODBU.jpg

De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter

One of the last flight done by Air Tahiti with such aircraft (the two airframes were sold in 2021).

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 2715.jpg

DHC-6 cockpit seen forward ..

Ua Pou runway in sight ...

... and backwards

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 2730.jpg

Reg. F-OIQF De Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Twin Otter c/n 815 built in 1984. Was N45KH until 2003 and ET-AIM (1985-?).

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 2802 F-OIQF.jpg

Landing a Ua Pou (IATA: UAP, ICAO: NTMP), 9° 24′ 00″ S, 140° 04′ 00″ W in the Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 2950 UaPou.jpg

The airport elevation is 16 feet at the threshold and 114 feet once on the tarmac.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 3025 UaPou.jpg

Releasing brakes : runway is only 830 m (2 723 ft) with continuous gust winds !

Air Tahiti was the operator; the real owner was the Government of Polynesia -as show by the coat of arms on the tail-.

ATR 72-600 (72-212A)

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 3200.jpg

At Aéroport international de Tahiti-Faa'a (PPT/NTAA).
We guess a Boeing 777-200 of Air France hiden by the terminal.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 4720 FaaA.jpg

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Reg. N1QS Cessna 172 Skyhawk.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 4810 N1QS.jpg

Tecnam P2008 JC

(from the Cessna 172 cockpit)
Reg. F-ORVY Tecnam P2008 JC built in 2014. The aircraft disappears from the radar screen on 13 March 2021 after several warning by the air traffic controler. Pilot and aircraft are lost with no further trace despite Search and Rescue acttions started only a handle of minutes after the last call without reply by the pilot.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 4815 F-ORVY.jpg

Various Aircraft

Reg. N1QS Cessna 172 Skyhawk is taxiing with hangar (from left to right) :
unidentified and Piper PA-28 Cherokee inside the hangar; Eurocopter EC135T2 of Tahiti Nui Helicopters (one of two, both built in 2002 and delivered to TNH in 2020); Aérospatiale AS 350 Ecureuil.
(bottom right) Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner of Air Tahiti Nui.

AvionsBoutMonde-S3 4850.jpg

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