Licence to Kill

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Licence to Kill cover.

Movie (1989)

Timothy Dalton (James Bond)
Carey Lowell (Pam Bouvier)
Robert Davi (Franz Sanchez)
Talisa Soto (Lupe Lamora)

James Bond is in Miami to attend the wedding of his CIA friend Felix Leiter. Bond and Felix had just arrested the South American drug baron Franz Sanchez when he escaped to get his revenge on Felix. Bond learns of Sanchez' escape and rushes to Felix's house to find his wife dead and Felix himself in pieces, but alive. Bond decides to go against his commander's orders and sets out to kill Sanchez and destroy his drug empire.

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Northrop Grumman E-2 Hawkeye

Seen at the beginning of the movie, where the crew spots Sanchez' flight.

Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-03-07-96.jpg

Learjet 35

Sanchez' plane seen briefly at the beginning.

Landing on an island
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-05-19-67.jpg
DEA Officers searching the plane for Sanchez

Aérospatiale HH-65A Dolphin

James Bond, Felix Leiter and a few DEA agents use this helicopter to trace then chase Sanchez. Once they catch up with him, Bond lowers himself down and hooks the Cessna onto the helicopter. USCG registration 6574, c/n 6270.

Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-03-40-18.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-05-34-40.jpg
"Going fishing"
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-08-05-54.jpg
Seen again in a later scene where Sanchez escapes

Beechcraft 18

One of the many planes seen on the island airstrip.

Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-06-50-82.jpg

Cessna 172P Skyhawk

Sanchez attempts to flee with this plane, but as said before, he literally gets picked up on the way. False registration N54743 (really N54748, c/n 17275046).

Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-07-40-53.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-07-53-81.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-07-56-54.jpg
Seen again in a later scene

Cessna A185F Skywagon

Bond uses a harpoon gun to shoot one of the floaters, enabling him to waterski after the plane. He eventually manages to catch up, climbs aboard and throws both the pilots out. Registration N6964N, c/n 185-04318.

Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-15-04-85.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-16-44-17.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-16-52-09.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-17-09-56.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-17-14-00.jpg

Cessna 206

Seen at Isthmus airport.

Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-24-39-46.jpg

Beechcraft B55 Baron

Pam's airplane, which some of Sanchez's mechanics are seen dismantling in an effort to stop her following Bond.

"What are you doing to my plane?!"

Aérospatiale AS350B Ecureuil

Sanchez, Dario and Heller flies to the drug factory by this helicopter. Registration XA-MUA, c/n 1531 (now XA-JDK).

Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-25-24-06.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-26-01-31.jpg

Piper PA-18-150 Super Cub

Pam steals the aircraft as a compensation for her Baron. She lands it near the drug plant, helps Bond, then gives him a lift to catch up with Sanchez' convoy. Later on, the plane is shot down with a stinger-missile. Registration: XB-LOX.

Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-28-45-15.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-29-30-43.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-29-42-12.jpg
Mplayerc 2010-06-11 21-36-05-12.jpg

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